VIRCAM @ VISTA Documentation

VIRCAM / VISTA User Manual

All the information about the instrument itself, its modes and their characteristics as well as detailed information on the acquisition, observation, and calibration templates. Use the latest version. Older versions are kept for historical reasons.

The Survey Area Definition Tool - SADT

For the preparation of survey observations with VISTA the use of the Survey Area Definition tool is required to define the survey layout and select suitable guide and active optics stars. The tool and its documentation (cookbook and video tutorial) are available from:

The Phase 2 Proposal Preparation Tool - P2PP

The service mode observation for the ESO public survey requires to schedule a large number of observation blocks every year. This requires a p2pp tool which can handle as well complex observing strategies. Therefore new concepts of scheduling containers have been included in P2PP version 3 tool, which has to be used for preparation of Public Surveys observations.

Video tutorials and practical examples how to prepare survey OBs for VISTAcan be found on the following page:

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