Invited Speakers

Please find below the list of potential invited speakers

Name Institution Topic
Phil Charles
SAAO, South Africa
Introduction to Low Mass X-ray Binaries
Sylvain Chaty
CEA/DSM Paris, France
Introduction to High Mass X-ray Binaries
Roberto Gilmozzi
ESO, Garching
Gaitee Hussain
ESO, Garching
Magnetic Braking
Natasha Ivanova
University of Alberta, Canada
Common Envelopes
Christian Knigge
Southampton University, UK
Introduction to Cataclysmic Variables
Kratter, Kaitlin Michelle
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, USA
Formation of close binaries
Enrico Ramirez
University of California, USA
Gamma Ray Bursts as final stage of binary evolution
Fritz Röpke
MPA Garching, Germany
SNe Ia as final stage of binary evolution
Thomas Tauris
University of Bonn, Germany
Binary pulsars
Marc van der Sluys
Nijmegen University, The Netherlands
Gravitational braking and radiation