Conference Proceedings

The proceedings will be published with the Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series

The reference to these proceedings will be:
Proceedings of the workshop 'Evolution of Compact Binaries', 6-11 March 2011, Viña del Mar, Chile, edited by L. Schmidtobreick,
M. R. Schreiber, C. Tappert, ASP conference series.

Please prepare your manuscript following the instructions for the authors


The maximum page number per manuscript is:

  • 15 pages (for invited review talks) 
  • 6 pages (for contributed talks) 
  • 2 pages for posters

You also need to fill the copyright form to give the copyright to ASP and thus allow them the printing of your paper.

The deadline for the submission of your manuscript and for the signed copyright assignment form is 31st May 2011. The ready manuscripts (try that they compile fine before sending them) should be uploaded to an FTP server whose credentials will be sent via e-mail to the authors.

Please send an email to to inform us of the arrival of a new manuscript. Please use your name in the title of your manuscript to make our life easier :) The copyright form should be filled and signed and can then be sent via fax to 56-2-4633101 (-3001) or scanned as email to

We opted for a tight schedule to have the proceedings published within this year, probably by October. All participants will then also receive a copy of the book. Please send us the address to which you want the book delivered.


Note that in case you plan to include images in your manuscript that do not belong to you or that have been printed elsewhere, you need to get the permission from that publishing company and/or the original author: