Lunch in Vitacura

Cafeterias, bakeries and restaurants

There is a number of restaurants and small places to eat around the ESO office.  There is a variety of prices to choose from rather expensive along Alonso de Cordova avenue - with a few exceptions - and others more affordable along Vitacura Avenue. The most economic would be a takeout food from Le Fournil (4) or the Jumbo supermarket (5) and the menu offered at the Vitacura Municipality (3), in front of the ESO office.


-1- Animal, Alonso de Cordova (just by the ESO office)
Not available anymore!

-2- Starbucks, Alonso de Cordova/Nueva Costanera
Sandwiches, natural juices, etc.

-3- Self-service restaurant at the Municipality of Vitacura
Three daily menus including vegetarian. From 13:00 - 15:00.

-4- Le Fournil
Sandwiches, take-out salads, natural juices, etc. In the Paseo El Mañío, there is also a number of restaurants.

-5- Jumbo supermarket
They sell take-out food and also have a self-service sort of cafeteria.

-6- Dulceria Las Bezanilla
Salads, pastries, natural juices, etc.

-7- Coquinaria
Restaurant and coffee-shop

-8- Starnberg
German food

-9- La Punta - Los Abedules 3016
Empanadas, lasañas, quiche, pie, soups, etc.

-10- Factoria & Co. – Vitacura 3708
They sell takeout food, but you can also accommodate at the small tables looking on the street.

-11- Big John market - Vitacura/Los Acantos

-12- OK market –

-13- La Fuente – Vitacura 3396
Sandwiches, pizzas, beer, etc.

-14 & 15- Big John (market) and Lo Saldes (bakery)
At Lo Saldes it is also possible to buy the food and use the chairs and tables in the place.

-16- another OK market

-17- Boulangerie (bakery)
Craft shop for bread

If you continue walking Vitacura avenue after Le Fournil towards Americo Vespucio avenue, you will see several more restaurants and tea rooms.

There is a pdf version of this page including more restaurants around the ESO office and another one, prepared by one of our astronomers!