Project F

Stellar Secrets Unveiled: A Cosmic Odyssey into the Birth of Massive Stars

Ashley Barnes, Giuliana Cosentino & Marta de Simone

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Embark on an astronomical adventure with us as we unravel the mysteries of massive star formation! Imagine peering into the cosmos, seeking out elusive stellar nurseries — dense, young regions where the magic of star birth takes place. The catch? These regions are like cosmic hide-and-seek champions, making them tricky to study. But fear not because cutting-edge technology is about to change the game. 

Meet N2D+, the cosmic detective molecule that unveils the secrets of gas clouds before they even think about forming stars. Thanks to the groundbreaking capabilities of the NOEMA (Northern Extended Millimeter Array) observatory, we're gearing up to witness the cosmic drama unfold in the molecular cloud “G035.39-00.33” — a celestial hotspot known to be a prime contender for hosting the birth of massive stars within our very own Milky Way. 

Picture this: a high-resolution map capturing the N2D+(1-0) transition within G035.39-00.33, providing a front-row seat to the cosmic spectacle. But that's not all. We're throwing in a bonus — N2H+(1-0) data to map the deuterium fraction, a chemical tool that acts like a stellar GPS, guiding us to the early stages of star formation. As we dive into the data, our mission is twofold: first, to decode the deuterium fraction's role in pinpointing stellar infancy, and second, to uncover the hidden, serene pockets of gas within this cosmic cloud.

Hold onto your cosmic hats because we're not stopping there! Our journey includes a deep dive into the N2D+ emission's kinematics, unravelling the dynamic dance of molecules as they pave the way for stellar creation. And as a cosmic cherry on top, we're simultaneously tuning in to deuterated species pairs like DCN/HCN, DCO+/HCO+ — a celestial symphony that will harmonise with our primary investigation, providing a richer understanding of the star formation cycle unfolding in the molecular cloud. 

Join us on this quest to demystify the birth of the most massive stars in our galaxy.  

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