10 Latest Added ESO Papers


First Author





1. Bagdonaite, J. Constraint on a Varying Proton-Electron Mass Ratio 1.5 Billion Years after the Big Bang UVES
072.A-0346, 090.A-0304
2015PhRvL.114g1301B ADS
2. Barragán, Oscar EPIC 211391664b: A 32 M Neptune-size Planet in a 10 Day Orbit Transiting an F8 Star HARPS
2016AJ....152..193B ADS
3. Ma, Jingzhe SPT0346-52: Negligible AGN Activity in a Compact, Hyper-starburst Galaxy at z = 5.7 ALMA_Bands
2016ApJ...832..114M ADS
4. Spite, M. Abundances in a sample of turnoff and subgiant stars in NGC 6121 (M 4) FLAMES, GIRAFFE
2016A&A...594A..79S ADS
5. Cooke, Ryan J. The Primordial Deuterium Abundance of the Most Metal-poor Damped Lyman-α System UVES
2016ApJ...830..148C ADS
6. Sanchez-Ramirez, R. GRB 110715A: the peculiar multiwavelength evolution of the first afterglow detected by ALMA ALMA_Bands, FORS2, GROND, LABOCA, XSHOOTER
087.A-0055, 087.F-9301, 091.A-0703, 2011.0.00001.E
2017MNRAS.464.4624S ADS
7. Prieto, J. L. MUSE Reveals a Recent Merger in the Post-starburst Host Galaxy of the TDE ASASSN-14li MUSE
2016ApJ...830L..32P ADS
8. Sanchez-Menguiano, L. Evidence of Ongoing Radial Migration in NGC 6754: Azimuthal Variations of the Gas Properties MUSE
2016ApJ...830L..40S ADS
9. Lau, Marie Wingyee Quasars Probing Quasars. VIII. The Physical Properties of the Cool Circumgalactic Medium Surrounding z ~ 2-3 Massive Galaxies Hosting Quasars XSHOOTER
2016ApJS..226...25L ADS
10. Perley, Daniel A. A revised host galaxy association for GRB 020819B: a high-redshift dusty starburst, not a low-redshift gas-poor spiral ALMA_Bands, MUSE, XSHOOTER
097.D-1054, 297.A-5055, 2011.0.00232.S
2017MNRAS.465L..89P ADS