10 Latest Added ESO Papers


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1. Cauley, P. Wilson A Decade of Hα Transits for HD 189733 b: Stellar Activity versus Absorption in the Extended Atmosphere HARPS
072.C-0488, 079.C-0127, 079.C-0828
2017AJ....153..217C ADS
2. Mathys, G. Ap stars with resolved magnetically split lines: Magnetic field determinations from Stokes I and V spectra⋆ Decomm.Inst.
56.E-0688, 56.E-0690, 57.E-0557, 57.E-0637, 58.E-0155, 58.E-0159, 59.E-0372, 59.E-0373, 60.E-0564, 60.E-0565, 61.E-0711
2017A&A...601A..14M ADS
3. Van Eck, Sophie A grid of MARCS model atmospheres for late-type stars. II. S stars and their properties Decomm.Inst.
2017A&A...601A..10V ADS
4. Suyu, S. H. H0LiCOW - I. H0 Lenses in COSMOGRAIL's Wellspring: program overview FORS2, HAWKI, MUSE, XSHOOTER
60.A-9306, 090.A-0531, 091.A-0642, 092.A-0515, 097.A-0454, 091.A-0428
2017MNRAS.468.2590S ADS
5. Casey, Andrew R. The RAVE-on Catalog of Stellar Atmospheric Parameters and Chemical Abundances for Chemo-dynamic Studies in the Gaia Era FLAMES, GIRAFFE, UVES
2017ApJ...840...59C ADS
6. Lang, Philipp Falling Outer Rotation Curves of Star-forming Galaxies at 0.6 ≲ z ≲ 2.6 Probed with KMOS3D and SINS/zC-SINF KMOS, SINFONI
075.A-0466, 076.A-0527, 079.A-0341, 080.A-0330, 080.A-0339, 080.A-0635, 081.A-0672, 081.B-0568, 082.A-0396, 087.A-0081, 088.A-0202, 088.A-0209, 091.A-0126, 092.A-0091, 093.A-0079, 094.A-0217, 095.A-0047, 096.A-0025, 097.A-0028, 097.A-0353, 183.A-0781
2017ApJ...840...92L ADS
7. Danielson, A. L. R. An ALMA Survey of Submillimeter Galaxies in the Extended Chandra  Deep Field South: Spectroscopic Redshifts ALMA_Bands, FORS2, VIMOS, XSHOOTER
090.A-0927, 183.A-0666, 2011.0.00294.S
2017ApJ...840...78D ADS
8. Schechter, Paul L. First Lensed Quasar Systems from the VST-ATLAS Survey: One Quad, Two Doubles, and Two Pairs of Lensless Twins OMEGACAM
2017AJ....153..219S ADS
9. Dubner, G. Morphological Properties of the Crab Nebula: A Detailed Multiwavelength Study Based on New VLA, HST, Chandra, and XMM-Newton Images ALMA_Bands
2017ApJ...840...82D ADS
10. I-Hsiu Li, Jennifer Systematic Analysis of Spectral Energy Distributions and the Dust Opacity Indices for Class 0 Young Stellar Objects ALMA_Bands
2017ApJ...840...72I ADS