10 Latest Added ESO Papers


First Author





1. Micheva, Genoveva Searching for candidates of Lyman continuum sources - revisiting the SSA22 field VIMOS
077.A-0787, 081.A-0081
2017MNRAS.465..316M ADS
2. Hosseinzadeh, Griffin Type Ibn Supernovae Show Photometric Homogeneity and Spectral Diversity at Maximum Light EFOSC2
2017ApJ...836..158H ADS
3. Kama, M. Observations and modelling of CO and [C i] in protoplanetary disks. First detections of [C i] and constraints on the carbon abundance CHAMP+, FLASH
081.F-1004, 085.F-0008, 087.F-0002, 089.F-0005, 091.F-0020
2016A&A...588A.108K ADS
4. Teague, R. A Surface Density Perturbation in the TW Hydrae Disk at 95 au Traced by Molecular Emission ALMA_Bands
2017ApJ...835..228T ADS
5. Huang, Jane An ALMA Survey of DCN/H13CN and DCO+/H13CO+ in Protoplanetary Disks ALMA_Bands
2013.1.00226.S, 2015.1.00964.S
2017ApJ...835..231H ADS
6. Gonzalez-Garcia, B. Herschel/PACS far-IR spectral imaging of a jet from an intermediate mass protostar in the OMC-2 region CHAMP+
2016A&A...596A..26G ADS
7. Kraus, S. A High-mass Protobinary System with Spatially Resolved Circumstellar Accretion Disks and Circumbinary Disk AMBER, CRIRES, GRAVITY, NACO
60.A-9174, 089.C-0819, 089.C-0959, 094.C-0153, 096.C-0652
2017ApJ...835L...5K ADS
8. Bradac, Marusa ALMA [C II] 158 μm Detection of a Redshift 7 Lensed Galaxy behind RXJ1347.1−1145 ALMA_Bands
2017ApJ...836L...2B ADS
9. Carrasco, Mauricio VLT/Magellan Spectroscopy of 29 Strong Lensing Selected Galaxy Clusters FORS2
081.A-0561, 083.A-0491, 084.A-0317
2017ApJ...834..210C ADS
10. Ruiz-Rodriguez, D. The ALMA early science view of FUor/EXor objects - II. The very wide outflow driven by HBC 494 ALMA_Bands
2017MNRAS.466.3519R ADS