10 Latest Added ESO Papers


First Author





1. Kelkar, Kshitija Galaxy sizes as a function of environment at intermediate redshift from the ESO Distant Cluster Survey FORS2
2015MNRAS.450.1246K ADS
2. Chamberlain, Carter Strong candidate for AGN feedback: VLT/X-shooter observations of BALQSO SDSS J0831+0354 XSHOOTER
2015MNRAS.450.1085C ADS
3. Tappert, C. Life after eruption - V. Spectroscopy of eight candidate old novae with Gemini-South FORS2
2015MNRAS.450..943T ADS
4. Sutton, Andrew D. The hyperluminous X-ray source candidate in IC 4320: another HLX bites the dust FORS2, VIMOS
090.D-0300, 092.D-0212
2015MNRAS.450..787S ADS
5. Crossfield, Ian J. M. A Nearby M Star with Three Transiting Super-Earths Discovered by K2 EFOSC2
2015ApJ...804...10C ADS
6. Mendel, J. Trevor First Results from the VIRIAL Survey: The Stellar Content of UVJ-selected Quiescent Galaxies at 1.5 < z < 2 from KMOS KMOS
092.A-0091, 093.A-0079, 093.A-0187, 094.A-0287
2015ApJ...804L...4M ADS
7. Maier, C. Mass-metallicity relation of zCOSMOS galaxies at z ≈ 0.7, its dependence on star formation rate, and the existence of massive low-metallicity galaxies ISAAC, VIMOS
084.B-0312, 085.B-0317, 175.A-0839
2015A&A...577A..14M ADS
8. Dobrovolskas, V. Three-dimensional hydrodynamical CO5BOLD model atmospheres of red giant stars. IV. Oxygen diagnostics in extremely metal-poor red giants with infrared OH lines CRIRES
2015A&A...576A.128D ADS
9. Martins, J. H. C. Evidence for a spectroscopic direct detection of reflected light from 51 Pegasi b HARPS
2015A&A...576A.134M ADS
10. Sakai, Yusuke An ALMA Imaging Study of Methyl Formate (HCOOCH3) in Torsionally Excited States toward Orion KL ALMA_Bands
2015ApJ...803...97S ADS