10 Latest Added ESO Papers


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1. Tsantaki, M. Spectroscopic parameters for solar-type stars with moderate-to-high rotation. New parameters for ten planet hosts FEROS, HARPS, UVES
089.C-0444, 088.C-0892, 072.C-0488, 079.C-0127, 083.C-0174, 380.C-0083, 074.C-0134, 072.B-0585, 075.C-0185
2014A&A...570A..80T ADS
2. van den Ancker, M. E. Mid-infrared imaging of a young bipolar nebula in the S287 molecular cloud VISIR
2005A&A...442L..57V ADS
3. Akiyama, Masayuki Host Galaxies of High-Redshift Active Galactic Nuclei in the Great Observatories Origins Deep Surveys Fields ISAAC
2005ApJ...629...72A ADS
4. Eufrasio, Rafael T. Star Formation Histories across the Interacting Galaxy NGC 6872, the Largest-known Spiral FORS1
60.A-9203, 71.B-0596
2014ApJ...795...89E ADS
5. Angeloni, R. The VVV Templates Project Towards an automated classification of VVV light-curves. I. Building a database of stellar variability in the near-infrared VIRCAM
179.B-2002, 087.D-0472
2014A&A...567A.100A ADS
6. Ramirez, I. The Solar Twin Planet Search. I. Fundamental parameters of the stellar sample HARPS
2014A&A...572A..48R ADS
7. Bours, M. C. P. Testing the planetary models of HU Aquarii ULTRACAM_NTT
085.D-0597, 087.D-0557
2014MNRAS.445.1924B ADS
8. Boffin, H. M. J. Roche-lobe filling factor of mass-transferring red giants: the PIONIER view PIONIER
2014A&A...564A...1B ADS
9. Gonzalez, J. F. HD 161701, a chemically peculiar binary with a HgMn primary and an Ap secondary CRIRES, FEROS, HARPS
076.D-0172, 077.D-0477, 089.D-0383, 087.C-0124
2014A&A...561A..63G ADS
10. Whelan, E. T. ESO-Hα 574 and Par-Lup 3-4 jets: Exploring the spectral, kinematical, and physical properties UVES, XSHOOTER
085.C-0238, 078.C-0429
2014A&A...565A..80W ADS