Call for Observing Proposals for Period 92

Published: 01 Mar 2013

The Call for Proposals for observation at ESO telescopes during Period 92 (1 October 2013–31 March 2014) has been released.

Note that the Call for Proposals document has undergone a substantial change in Period 92; it now focuses on listing the main news items and policies related to applying for time on ESO telescopes. The technical information about the offered instruments and facilities is contained on ESO web pages that are linked from the Call for Proposals.

Important changes:

  • A new type of programme, called a Monitoring Programme, is being offered on some VLT/I and APEX instruments, enabling proposers to monitor targets over a period of up to two years.
  • ESO will no longer offer time on the MPG 2.2-metre telescope at La Silla.
  • The second generation VLT instrument, KMOS is offered for the first time in Period 92.
  • VISIR is not offered in Period 92 and X-shooter will be moved to UT3.
  • ISAAC and NACO will likely be removed during Period 92 to allow for the installation of the second generation instruments, SPHERE and MUSE, respectively.
  • The Laser Guide Star Facility (LGSF) on UT4 has been upgraded in February 2013 with a new laser that should enhance the delivered power and the number of nights during which the LGSF can be used.
  • The following PI instruments are offered on APEX in Period 92: CHAMP+ (620-720 and 780-900 GHz) and FLASH (345 and 460 GHz).

Proposers are strongly encouraged to check the Call for late breaking news and a description of instruments and policies.

The proposal submission deadline is 27 March 2013, 12:00 noon CEST. The Call for Proposals and the ESOFORM electronic submission package can be obtained here .

It is the PI’s responsibility to fully verify the proposal and upload all associated figures well ahead of the proposal submission deadline. Proposal submissions or requests for amendments that are received after the deadline will not be accepted.