The ESO-MIDAS Courier

The ESO-MIDAS Courier was published once per year by Data Management Division of the European Southern Observatory from June 1991 till July 1995. The main goal of the newsletter was to inform the MIDAS users community about recent developments of ESO-MIDAS.

As a result of increasing usage of the WWW for information retrieval the Courier was discontinued in the second half of 1995.

Information about recent development sof ESO-MIDAS are forwarded to the user by the ESO-MIDAS mailing lists or in the eso.midas newsgroup.

The following issues of the ESO-MIDAS Courier are still available. Please click for displaying the issue of your choice. The first three issues are valid for a PostScript printer but only the first page can be viewed at full size. All issues of the ESO-MIDAS Courier can be obtained from our anonymous ftp account.