Announcement of the 17FEB ESO-MIDAS Release

 ESO-MIDAS Home Page The 17FEB release of ESO-MIDAS has been released on 2 March 2017 and the latest patch 17FEBpl1.2 is available on the ESO ftp server since April 26, 2017.
Below you find the following information concerning this release:

What's new or upgraded in MIDAS 17FEB?

Only code fixes and updates for help files have been incorporated into this Midas release.

Platform availability

MIDAS 17FEB has been installed and verified on the following platforms:

  • Intel/Linux Ubuntu 16.04
  • Intel/Linux Fedora 26

  • Intel 64/Mac OSX 10.12

In our ftp area, the source version valid for all platforms mentioned above is available.

Source distribution

17FEBpl1.2 is available only as source code.

For a proper installation of MIDAS sources follow the procedure of the installation document provided in PDF format ( installunix.pdf )

ESO-MIDAS is a copyright protected software product of ESO, and provides general tools for image processing and data reduction.
ESO-MIDAS is available under the GNU General Public License.
This means that the ESO-MIDAS system is available free of charge and can be freely redistributed on certain conditions.

Technical Support

Direct technical support for ESO-MIDAS has ceased middle of April 2012.

Instead, users who have problems or questions concerning ESO-MIDAS running on their systems should to use the moderated "midas-users" mailing list for obtaining feedback and solutions to their questions from other users.

To subscribe to (unsubscribe from) this mailing list, you may also send an email to or
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