Scisoft - An Astronomical Software Collection

External release

The Scisoft collection is available for distribution outside ESO to interested institutes. It can either be downloaded from our main web page ( or requested as a DVD, from the Hubble shop (link also on the main web page).

Requesters in China and India have their own mirror sites and can also request the DVD through a separate channel. Note that this is only a service for Chinese and Indian users and cannot be used to download or ship DVDs to the rest of the world.

There is also a mirror site for downloads at MAST/STScI in Baltimore.

Note that resources at ESO to support Scisoft are very minimal. Consequently we cannot offer any support for the packages included although we will do our best to help with installation problems and point you in the right direction if you do have difficulties. Please refer to the Scisoft webpages and particularly the FAQ before asking us.

For the same reasons we are not able to help with requests for additional packages to be included or new platforms supported. These requirements are driven by ESO's own needs.

Note that SuperMongo and IDL are excluded from the "EXPORT" version because they are commercial. If you would like to get copies of these please contact the suppliers directly at the SM webpages and IDL pages.