Poster Presentations

Name Title Poster session
Alves do Nascimento, Sanzia
An evaluation of magnetic Bode's law for extrasolar planets S2/P1  
Bonavita, Mariangela MESS (Multi-purpose Exoplanet Simulation System):A Monte Carlo tool for the statistical analysis and prediction ofexoplanets search results S2/P2  
Booth, Mark (presented by D. Rodriguez) The Location of Debris Discs in Planetary Systems S1/P1  
Bravo, Jenny
Wavelet: A powerful tool for the study of magnetic activity in stars with transiting planets
Cáceres, Claudio
Ground based thermal emission detection from highly irradiated exoplanets
Chavero, Carolina
Search for debris disks in the VVV Field
Cubillos, Patricio
Atmospheric Characterization of the Cool and Eccentric Exoplanet WASP-8b With Spitzer Secondary Eclipses S3/P2  
Das Chagas, Maria Liduina
Differential rotation of stars with transiting planets
De Gregorio, Itziar High-resolution radio observations of the T Cha transitional disk     
Decock, Alice Study of the forbidden oxygen lines in a sample of cometary spectra obtained at the VLT (ESO)
Eigmueller, Philipp
Fortier, Andrea
Formation of Planetary Systems S1/P4  
Girard, Julien
Improvements for high contrasts on VLT/NACO
Gourgeot, Florian Spectroscopic observations of the Uranus’ satellite Miranda in H and K bands
Hagelberg, Janis
Direct imaging of stars with radial velocity drifts in the HARPS and CORALIE planet-search surveys
Hartogh, Paul
Vertical profiles of molecular oxygen and water vapour on Mars
Helminiak, Krzysztof
The SOLARIS project - looking for extrasolar planets around eclipsing binaries
Hoyer, Sergio
Transit Monitoring in the South (TraMoS):  searching for exoplanets via Transit Timing Variations
Huitson, Catherine
Using Na I Lines to Measure the Upper Atmosphere Temperature Profile of the hot Jupiter HD 189733b
Jordan, Andres
A ground based optical transmission spectrum of WASP-6 b S2/P11  
Lagage, Pierre-Olivier
Observations of exoplanets with the JWST/MIRI instrument
Lagrange, Anne-Marie
On the HR4796 system
López, Sebastián
Statistical decoupling of viewing angle
S2/P12 PDF
Manjarrez, Guillermo
Star Formation in AFGL 437: the importance of high-resolution
Miles-Páez, Paulo Imaging polarimetry of cool atmospheres: brown dwarfs S3/P5 PDF
Moerchen, Margaret Probing the disk evolution of extrasolar planetary systems S1/P7  
Mugrauer, Markus Follow-up high contrast imaging observations of PZ Tel and its sub-stellar companion 
Mugrauer, Markus High contrast imaging search for substellar companions to young stars in the Lupus star forming region S2/P14  
Murgas, Felipe GTC Narrow Band Halpha Photometry of Super-Earth GJ 1214b S3/P6  
Nortmann, Lisa Ground-based Spectrophotometric Observations of Hot Jupiter Atmospheres
Opitz, Daniela Lithium Depletion Boundary Under Rotation And Spots Coverage S1/P8  
Ortolani, Sergio Rotation, age and activity of stars close to the Sun S2/P15 PDF
Parviainen, Hannu Searching for Secondary Eclipses from the CoRoT Light Curves S2/P16  
Peña R., Karla The Sigma Orionis cluster population: from 20 Msun down to 5 Mjup S1/P9  
Phillips, Neil Four Stars and Two Debris Discs: The CCDM 23489-2808 System
Rodríguez, David Stellar Multiplicity & Debris Disks: Planet Formation in Binary Systems
Rojas P., Isaias Kinematics of exoplanet host stars: Membership in moving groups and associations S2/P17 PDF
Rouan, Daniel Characterizing lava ocean planets, using future facilities S4/P3