Scientific Programme

  • (R)  = Review talk (25 minutes including questions)
  • (I )  = Invited talk (20 minutes including questions)
  • (C)  = Contributed talk (15 minutes including questions)

July 2nd
11:30 Tim de Zeeuw Welcome
11:35 Giancarlo Setti Italy's entry in the ESO organisation: a historical review (R)
12:00 Monica Tosi ESO from an Italian perspective (R)
12:25 Massimo Tarenghi Italian Industry contribution to ESO projects: NTT and VLT (R)
12:50 Stefano Stanghellini Italian Industry contribution to ESO: ALMA (R)
13:10 Gianpietro Marchiori From NTT to E-ELT, 30 years of Italian Industry in ESO (C)
13:25 Rosario Cimmino Italian SKA Industry Cluster (C)
13:40-14:30 Lunch
14:30 Alvio Renzini Science highlights (R)

Discussion Forum: ESO operations, facilities and projects

16:00-16:30 Coffee Break
16:30 Elena Pian The most powerful explosions in the Universe: genesis and evolution of Supernova and Gamma-Ray Burst Italian programs at ESO (I)
16:50 Adriano Fontana The ESO view on the farthest galaxies (I)
17:10 Laura Pentericci Probing  the end of the reionization epoch with the most distant galaxies (I)
17:30 Giovanni Cresci Gas accretion in distant galaxies as the origin of chemical abundance gradients (I)

July 3rd
11:30 Sandro D'Odorico ESO Instrumentation and the Italian contribution (R)
11:55 Paolo Santin VLT Instrumentation Control: the collaboration of OATs with ESO (R)
12:20 Stefano Cristiani 30 years of high-resolution spectroscopy: from CASPEC to CODEX (I)
12:40 Roberto Maiolino High-resolution spectroscopy with E-ELT: SIMPLE (I)
13:00 Paolo Ciliegi Multi-Coniugate AO Module for the E-ELT: MAORY (I)
13:20 Roberto Mignani 30 years of pulsar studies at ESO (C)
13:35-14:30 Lunch  
14:30 Giuseppe Bono Impact of ESO facilities on Italian astronomical research (R)
14:55 Paolo Vettolani VST and the future involvement of INAF in ESO (R)
15:20 Nicola Rosario Napolitano The VST science programs on INAF-GTO (C)
15:35 Enrichetta Iodice The structure of the barred galaxy NGC253: target of the VISTA and VST Science Verification extragalactic mini-survey (C)
15:50-16:30 Coffee Break  
16:30 Leonardo Testi ALMA science (R)
16:55 Elisabetta Caffau A primordial star in the heart of the Lion (I)
17:15 Raffaele Gratton Understanding the horizontal branch of globular clusters using FLAMES (C)
17:30 Matteo Correnti Star Formation in NGC3603 seen by HAWK-I on the VLT (C)
17:45 Fabrizio Massi Optical Interferometry at the VLTI: Italy's contribution and the latest advancments in understanding the circumstellar environmet of young stars (C)
18:00 Carlo Felice Manara Understanding star formation with the VLT/X-Shooter eye (C)

End of Symposium 10