Poster Papers with Abstracts

1 Aguero, María Paz Mass-Luminosity Profile in Spiral Galaxies  
  Almeida, Andres The Globular Cluster System of The Elliptical Galaxy NGC2986 PDF
  Aravena, Manuel High resolution cold gas observations of star-forming galaxies at z~2  
  Azzollini, Ruymán The evolution of [pseudo-] bulges in Disk galaxies in the last ~8 Gyrs PDF
  Bamford, Steven MegaMorph: advanced galaxy decomposition for large multi-wavelength surveys PDF
  Barbosa, Carlos The case of the Hydra I cluster: kinematics and stellar populations PDF
  Basto Pineda, Juan Carlos Dark Matter Inferences from Rotation Curve Fitting PDF
  Busch, Gerold A low-luminosity type-1 QSO Sample - Overluminous host spheroidals or undermassive black holes? PDF
  Calderón, Juan Pablo Fundamental relations of early-type galaxies in the Antlia cluster  
10 Caretta, César IFU study of the morphologically distorted galaxy Kaz364 PDF
  Carrasco, Eleazar Rodrigo
Sub-kiloparsec view of superdense compact galaxies in nearby galaxy clusters  
  Coenda, Valeria Comparing galaxy population in compact groups and loose groups galaxies: brightest group galaxies  
  Demarco, Ricardo A VLT VIMOS-IFU study of the cometary extremely metal-poor galaxies Tol 65 and UM 461 PDF
  Dí­az Tello, Jorge Star Formation in Balmer Break galaxies at z < 1.5 PDF
  Ferreira, Leonardo On the stability of morphological parameters measurements with redshift PDF
  Gadotti, Dimitri The effects of dust extinction on galaxy image decompositions PDF
  Gimeno, German Early type galaxies in Compact Groups: stellar kinematics in NGC6845 JPG
  Gómez, Gilberto
Simulations of the formation of the Gould''s belt-like structures
  González, Oscar A. The Milky Way bar in the context of extragalactic bulges  
20 Haeussler, Boris VIDEO meets MegaMorph: Deriving Photometric Redshifts from Consistently Measured Photometry JPG
  Hasegawa, Takashi HST/ACS photometry of M51 disk: Measurement of pattern speed
  Hiemer, Andreas GALAPAGOS - Computational study of galaxy morphologies for a high number of objects PDF
  Ibar, Edo Exploiting the synergy between ALMA and VLT/AO-IFU  
  Jaffé, Yara L. Elliptical and S0 galaxies with ionized gas disks at 0<z<1  
  Kemp, Simon N. Unusual S0 galaxies in the Virgo Cluster  
  Krogager, Jens-Kristian The best of two worlds: a z=2.35 DLA galaxy studied in emission using HST and VLT  
  Kuchner, Ulrike The activity of galaxies in clusters: decomposing the population of massive CLASH galaxy clusters at z~0.45 PDF
  Lange, Rebecca GAMA: The Galaxy Mass-Size Relation PDF
  Morishita, Takahiro Reliable Size Measurement of Massive Galaxies at z~0.5-3.0 in the GOODS-N region with HST/WFC3 Data PDF
30 Mosenkov, Aleksandr Structural properties of edge-on galaxies PDF
  Muñoz, Alejandra
Submillimeter Galaxy Number Counts in a Semi-analytic Model: the"Count Matching" Approach PDF
  Muñoz-Mateos, Juan Carlos Non-parametric galaxy morphology from the far-UV to the far-IR PDF
  Muñoz, Roberto
The Next Generation Virgo Cluster Survey - Infrared (NGVS-IR): I. A new Near-UV/Optical/Near-IR Globular Cluster selection tool  
  Ortega Minakata, René The morphology distribution of 800,000 SDSS galaxies based on colours and concentration index PDF
  Ponomareva, Anastasia The Tully-Fisher relation as a tool to investigate the internal structure of galaxies  
  Ramos, Mariana Hydrodynamical Simulations of the Barred Galaxy NGC 4314: Gas Orbits in the Bar Region PDF
  Remus, Rhea-Silvia The Mystery of the σ-Bump -- A new Signature for Major Mergers in
Elliptical Galaxies?
  Riguccini, Laurie 24 µm Excess sources in the Virgo and Coma clusters PDF
  San Martin, Astrid Integral Field Spectroscopy SINFONI observation of AGN at z~1.6 PDF
40 Saracco, Paolo Color gradients in field and cluster ETGs at z~1.4: constraining their radial metallicity and age variation PDF
  Saracco, Paolo Early-Type galaxies at high-z: understanding their mass assembly history PDF
  Saracco, Paolo Velocity dispersions of compact ETGs at z ~1.4: constraints on initial mass function PDF
  Saulder, Christoph The peculiar(?) case of [BHF2008] 19 - an extremely compact and massive elliptical galaxy PDF
  Savorgnan, Giulia The supermassive black hole mass - Sérsic Index (and other) relations(s) for bulges and elliptical galaxies PDF
  Takamiya, Marianne Star Formation Rates and Nebular Abundances in Nearby Galaxies PDF
  Vásquez, Sergio Kinematics and metallicity of Milky Way Bulge PDF
  Ziegler, Bodo Galaxy population in 20Mpc^2 field of RXJ1347-11 cluster complex at z=0.5 PDF