ESO Director General Visits Austrian Minister of Science

25 May 2010

ESO Director General Tim de Zeeuw and astrophysicist Sabine Schindler visited the Austrian Minister of Science and Research, Beatrix Karl, on 21 May 2010.

Minister Karl said she appreciated Austria’s participation in ESO projects, which include the Very Large Telescope in Chile, and the European Extremely Large Telescope project that is currently under development. "We all three agree that when Austria's joined ESO it was an important step for Austria's basic research programmes, and especially for astronomy," she said. Other disciplines, ranging from astrophysics and particle physics to mathematics and information science, will also benefit from Austria’s accession to ESO in 2008.

Austrian scientists have access to the largest observatories in the world, along with ESO infrastructure to help analyse and understand the data gathered. "This naturally strengthens the attractiveness of Austria for researchers," said the minister. Universities in Austria benefitting from the new arrangement include the University of Innsbruck, University of Vienna, Technical University of Vienne, University of Graz, and RICAM (Johann Radon Institute for Computational and Applied Mathematics) in Linz.


  • Press release from the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and Research


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Tim de Zeeuw with Beatrix Karl
Tim de Zeeuw with Beatrix Karl