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Brochure explains how a new communications system brings ESO telescopes closer to Europe

22 October 2010

ESO and its partners in an international consortium are in the final stages of building EVALSO [1], a new data infrastructure in Chile. This brochure explains the why, the where and the how — why this fast data link is necessary, where it is located, and how the cutting-edge technology will make a big difference for operations at ESO and its partner institutions.

The brochure is available for download in PDF format.


[1] EVALSO is an international consortium of astronomical organisations and research network operators, part-funded under the European Commission FP7.

It is a partnership between Universita degli Studi di Trieste, Italy; ESO; Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany; Consortium GARR (Gestione Ampliamento Rete Ricerca), Italy; Universiteit Leiden, Netherlands; Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica, Italy; Queen Mary, University of London, United Kingdom; Cooperación LatinoAmericana de Redes Avanzadas (CLARA), Uruguay; and Red Universitaria Nacional (REUNA), Chile.



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The EVALSO leaflet
The EVALSO leaflet


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