ESO Annual Report 2022 now available

20 July 2023

The ESO Annual Report 2022 is now available. It presents the many activities of ESO during the year. The contents include, among other topics:

  • The steady progress of the construction of ESO’s Extremely Large Telescope (ELT), both on Armazones and in Europe.
  • Highlights of the latest scientific research enabled by ESO’s facilities, which once again resulted in the publication of more than 1000 refereed papers during the year.
  • Among these highlights, the release of the image of the shadow of the Sgr A* black hole by the Event Horizon Telescope Consortium (using both ALMA and APEX).
  • Commissioning of ERIS (the Enhanced Resolution Imager and Spectrograph) at the VLT and NIRPS (the Near InfraRed Planet Searcher) at the 3.6-metre telescope, as well as the progress on all other instrument projects.
  • ALMA development, including the Band 2 receiver project and the Wide-Band Sensitivity Upgrade.
  • The start of operations of the new Paranal–Armazones photovoltaic plant, demonstrating ESO’s dedication to environmental sustainability.
  • ESO’s 60th anniversary celebrations at the ESO sites, in the Member States and in Australia.
  • The approval by Council of an inspiring, yet challenging, organisational vision statement that will drive ESO into the future.

This product is available to download for free and will soon be available to order in the ESOshop at no cost but shipping costs.

Credit: ESO



Douglas Pierce-Price
ESO Head of Internal Communication

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ESO Annual Report 2022 cover
ESO Annual Report 2022 cover