President of Chile visits ESO Headquarters

13 June 2024

Yesterday, Chilean President Gabriel Boric visited the ESO Headquarters in Garching bei München, Germany. President Boric was accompanied by a high-level delegation, including Aisén Etcheverry, Minister of Science, Technology, Knowledge and Innovation; Nicolás Grau, Minister of Economy, Development and Tourism; Luis Cordero, Minister of Justice and Human Rights; and Juan Carlos Muñoz, Minister of Transport and Telecommunications. In total, the visiting delegation numbered over 60 people. 

The visitors were hosted by ESO Director General, Xavier Barcons, and ESO’s top-level management. The visit provided an opportunity for ESO and Chile to review the close relationship developed over 60 years of collaboration and discuss ways of strengthening it. ESO develops its telescopes and instruments in Europe, in strong collaboration with industry and R&D institutions, and operates them at unique observing sites in the Chilean Atacama Desert, which has generated unique opportunities for Chilean academia, companies and society. 

Following a welcome by the ESO Director General, the delegation toured several stations of the ESO Technical Building, including the Large Integration Hall. This is where the development of telescope and instrument components, including some for the upcoming ESO’s Extremely Large Telescope, is best seen. Later, the delegation visited the ESO Supernova Planetarium and Visitor Centre, and met with Chilean staff working at ESO Headquarters. The visit also included a live connection to ESO’s Paranal Observatory.

ESO Director General Xavier Barcons said: It’s an absolute honour to host President Gabriel Boric and his delegation at our headquarters in Germany. ESO has a very special relationship with Chile and we hope the visit will contribute to further strengthen our mutually beneficial cooperation.

President Boric said: “It's exciting to visit the headquarters of the European Southern Observatory, ESO, which uses impressive telescopes to carry out cutting-edge research from the Chilean territory in the north of our country, thanks to the privileged conditions we have. It's a source of immense pride to listen to Director Xavier Barcons, learn what is being done for science, and know that from Chile, a corner of the world, we are contributing to understanding the Universe.”


Juan Carlos Muñoz Mateos
ESO Media Officer
Garching bei München, Germany
Tel: +49 89 3200 6176

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President of Chile Gabriel Boric and the ESO Director General Xavier Barcons
President of Chile Gabriel Boric and the ESO Director General Xavier Barcons