Videos and Animations

For the Deep Impact at ESO activities, ESO is preparing animations and video footage, including interviews of lead scientists involved in the follow-up of this unique event. They will be placed on this page as soon as they become available.
These animations and videos are also available on request for the media in broadcast quality.



Ground-based observations of Comet 9/P Tempel 1
The animation shows the various observatories on the ground that will successively observe the comet after the impact.

Quicktime movie (1 min):
Small: 320 x 240 pixels; 7.7 MB
Large: 768 x 576 pixels; 30. MB



Interview with Ulli Käufl (ESO) about Deep Impact and his observations
A more detailled interview with Ulli is also available here.

Quicktime movie (2 min):
Small: 352 x 288 pixels; 30. MB



The Collision of SL9 with Jupiter
In mid-July 1994, fragments of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 collided with Jupiter, the largest planet in the Solar System. All of these fragments, which measure from a few hundred metres to a few kilometres in diameter, hit Jupiter during a period of about 5 1/2 days, starting July 16. Look for more details on the ESO page on Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9.
The animation shows an observation sequence realised on July 18 with TIMMI at the 3.6m telescope of the ESO La Silla Observatory.
Quicktime movie (22 sec):
Small: 352 x 288 pixels; 15. MB
Large: 768 x 576 pixels; 39. MB