Dynamic inner corona

This image is a deep high dynamic range composite of series of different exposures that reveals the finest details in solar corona visible during the total solar eclipse on 2 July 2019, captured from ESO La Silla Observatory. The solar corona is a plasma of free electrons scattering the Sun's light. The electrons in it are affected by the star's magnetic field, so their shape reveals the fields' contours. During this eclipse, the corona had the dipole character typical during a deep solar minimum. The thin streamers sticking out indicate the two poles, while the Sun's equator is highlighted by long streamers and magnetic loops. In reality, the corona extends much further than the edges of this image, as can be seen in these images of the same eclipse, created by combining this image with data from the NASA–ESA SOHO spacecraft.


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Release date:3 July 2019, 02:00
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