Halley's multiple dust tail

Halley's multiple dust tail. This false-colour wide-field CCD Picture of Comet Halley was obtained with the ESO special camera sensitive to the 500-1100 nm spectral region. The exposure time was 45 seconds. This is the first picture to show clearly multiple tails of Comet Halley. The ion tails point towards the top of the picture and those to the right (north) are dust tails. Note also the structure in the north-east direction, that is towards the sun. (ESO Press Release eso8605; Colour)



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Release date:26 February 1986
Related releases:eso8605
Size:1728 x 1389 px

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Name:Comet Halley
Type:Solar System : Interplanetary Body : Comet : Tail : Dust
Category:Solar System

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Exposure time: 45s


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