The impact of the very high resolution achievable with the ELT illustrated in the Galactic Centre field (part I)

This image shows a current high-quality VLT/NACO K-image of the central arcsecond around SgrA* at 60mas, adaptive optics resolution. Part II shows the KLF- and surface density information and extrapolating NCAO results to fainter magnitudes with a Salpeter initial mass function yields the simulated MICADO image in the central panel (on the same scale as the NACO image). The field shown roughly matches the area over which the gravity of SgrA* is strong enough to impose detectable accelerations with current AO instruments at 8m class telescopes. With MICADO not only the number of stars detectable but also the area over which accelerations can be measured will be larger.


Trippe et al. (2010)

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