ALMA Transporter Online Game

A simple new multi-player game called Chajnantor: Race Against Time now gives you the chance to be at the controls of a transporter and to explore the top of the Chajnantor Plateau. Race the 130-tonne behemoths against the clock, or against another player, to try to successfully place the ALMA antennas at the required locations. Or maybe you just want to take a relaxing drive and take in the views of the starry night sky. The choice is yours!

Play Chajnantor: Race Against Time in your web browser here as a Unity-based game. The game is also available in a stand-alone version (for Windows) with slightly higher quality. Download the game here.

The game was designed and written by ESO engineer Juan Antonio Marrero Hernández in his spare time.

It is released for fun only and technical support is not provided by ESO.





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