CD-ROM: The ESA/ESO Astronomy Exercise Series

The European Space Agency (ESA) and the European Southern Observatory (ESO) have produced a series of astronomical exercises for use in high school. The prime object of the series is to present various small projects that will transmit some of the excitement and satisfaction of scientific discovery to students.

The first four exercises focus on measurements of distances in the Universe, one of the most basic problems in modern astrophysics. The students apply different methods to determine the distance of astronomical objects such as the supernova SN 1987A, the spiral galaxy Messier 100, the Cat's Eye Planetary Nebula and the globular cluster Messier 12. Among others, it is possible to make quite accurate estimates of the age of the Universe and its expansion velocity, without the use of computers or sophisticated software.

The CD-ROM contains PDF-files in all available languages and images (not interactive exercises as these are available on the web)

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Anne Værnholt Olesen, Lars Lindberg Christensen, Arntraud Bacher, Rainer Gaitzsch, Jean-Marc Brauer, Emma Fosbury, Robert A.E. Fosbury, Jean-Marc Brauer


Lars Lindberg Christensen and Richard West

Graphics design:

Martin Kornmesser

Dutch translation

Eddy Echternach, Robert Wielinga and Peter Barthel


Peter Barthel

Partly financed by:

NOVA, NAC, Gratama-stichting, Groninger Universiteitsfonds, Kapteyn Instituut van de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

French translation

Thibaut Plisson and Nausicaa Delmotte

German translation

Birgit Armsdorfer, Arntraud Bacher and Paul Scheier

Italian translation

Carmelo Evoli, Angelo Meduri, Piero Benvenuti and Eugenio Benvenuti

Partly financed by:

Società Astronomica Italiana (SAIt), la sezione Calabria della SAIt.

Swedish translation

Martin Lundqvist and Britt Sjöberg

Spanish translation

Álvaro Llorente

Thanks to:

Karl-Heinz Lotze (Germany), Nino Panagia (STScI/ESA), Nina Troelsgaard Jensen (Frederiksberg Seminarium), Anne Rhodes, Jesper Sollerman, Tycho Brahe Planetarium (Denmark), Wendy Freedman, Darren Reed, Arsen Hajian, Jos de Bruijne, Ole Hjort Rasmussen, Helle and Henrik Stub (Denmark), Johann Penzl (Germany), Thibaut Plisson (USA), Marina Rejkuba (ESO), Manuela Zoccali (ESO), la Professoressa Angela Misiano (Liceo Scientifico "Leonardo da Vinci", Reggio Calabria).

Credits: Web version

The JavaTM TaskForce Team Consisting of:

Lars Holm Nielsen

Kaspar Nielsen

Lars Frederik Brandt Henriksen

Tais Krøger Klemmensen

About the Material

Release date:19 March 2012, 14:11
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