Update from the Scientific Technical Committee

19 December 2013

The 81st Scientific Technical Committee (STC) meeting was held on 22–23 October 2013. The STC meets twice a year, is composed of representatives from the ESO member states and is the primary interface between the scientific community and the telescope and instrumentation projects. The STC also has sub-committees for the La Silla Paranal Observatory (LSP), ALMA and APEX (European Science Advisory Committee, ESAC) and for E-ELT (ESC). The ESC was constituted by ESO Council in June and met for the first time this October.

The recommendations of the STC report are available and cover the ESO Budget and Forward Look to 2017, implementation of the matrix structure at ESO, progress updates on all major ESO programmes — in particular on VLTI/PRIMA developments, the achievements of ALMA as it begins the transition towards full operations and the E-ELT.

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The ESO Headquarters building in winter during daytime. There is snow on the ground, the sky is blue and some of the Member States flags are flying in the foreground.
Winter afternoon in Garching