ESOshop: Donate 50 000 Euros to the ESO Supernova

Donate 50 000 Euros to the ESO Supernova Planetarium & Visitor CentreWe offer you a Galaxy Partnership with the following benefits:

  • Visibility on screens in Void or Foyer, 1 segment
  • Get a VIP plaque
  • Get a VIP print, signed by DG and Directors
  • Use of planetarium for own presentations or data visualisation 5 times
  • Special event in the Void 2 times
  • Using the Void and exhibition for TV interviews etc. 3 times
  • Use of seminar rooms 2 times
  • Invitation to the DG's Annual Partnership Banquet for 8 persons
  • DG table seating at annual Banquet 1 person
  • Exclusive/off-hours behind-the-scenes tour in exhibition for 10 persons
  • Invitation to special screenings 3 times
  • Yearly ESO infopack
  • VIP access to 1 guided tour
  • 20% discount in the ESOshop/all year
  • Use the ESO logo to mark the partnership with ESO Supernova
  • Privileged logo/name exposure:
    • In planetarium show introduction
    • In Supernova presentations
    • In planetarium pre-show
    • At the bottom of the ES newsletters
    • In Supernova press releases
    • In Supernova print products like flyers etc.
    • In Supernova social media
    • On Partnership Wall in Foyer
    • On Supernova Web Site

Price: € 50000,00


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