Scientific Workflows and Visualisation of 3D Data for ESO VLT Instruments

Pascal Ballester (ESO), C. E. Garcia Dabo, V. Forchi, A. Modigliani, A. Gabasch, M. Kuemmel, K. Banse (all ESO)


The latest developments of ESO-Reflex workflows will be demonstrated for the VLT instruments UVES, HAWK-I, XSHOOTER, as well as for imaging data mosaicing. Reflex is based on the Kepler workflow system and supports the creation of modular pipelines.

Within Reflex the modules of a pipeline can be combined interactively to execute a given pipeline in a different way than the predefined, operational mode to enable individual parameter sets as well as execution of own reductions scripts (written in Python).

The CASA viewer for ALMA is currently being extended/upgraded to better support VLT optical/NIR 3D data from integral field units. A prototype will be demonstrated.

Furthermore, we'll show the 11SEP release of the ESO-Midas data analysis system.

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