Multimission Archive at STScI- Hubble Legacy Archive (HLA) and The Reusable Astronomy Portal (TRAP)

Lee Quick (STSCI), Tom Donaldson, Anthony Rogers


HLA – Hubble Legacy Archive

The Hubble Legacy Archive (HLA) an integrated, browser-based search engine that allows both visual and tabular representation of all or a user-defined subset of the HST data available in a given area of the sky. It includes a footprint service that allows users to explore data through graphical representations of the exposure on the sky. The HLA provides improved images for WFPC2, ACS, and NICMOS based on combining all available data within a given visit and source lists for all processed WFPC2 and ACS images. Additional data products, including extracted grism spectra for ACS and NICMOS, High Level Science Products delivered by external science teams, and multi-visit ACS mosaics. The HLA is a joint project of the STScI, the Canadian Astronomy Data Centre (CADC), and, until December 2010, the European Coordinating Facility (ST-ECF).

TRAP - The Reusable Astronomy Portal
The Multimission Archive at STScI (MAST) hosts a variety of astronomical archives. The challenge was to develop a seamless web interface for discovering and exploring these data sets which are heterogeneous and distributed among a variety of servers. This challenge is not unique to MAST. For example, a web interface for discovering VO data has this same problem, even worse since the data is much more heterogeneous and highly distributed.
To meet these challenges, The Reusable Astronomy Portal (TRAP) is being developed to integrate diverse data holdings employing a common message-based API. This approach provides a common platform from which to build client applications for the web, desktop, mobile and script access. At the core of this platform is the Mashup Server that returns data-only products for client consumption. The Mashup Server was developed on the Mac using Mono, the open source .NET framework.
The Mashup Server is currently being used by two web clients, the MAST and VAO Data Discovery Portals. These portals share several UI components created within the Ext JS JavaScript application framework.
The data-centric nature of the Mashup Server and JSON-based message API has enabled rapid development of these portals. We expect that this platform will provide a framework for rapid development on a variety of other clients, including 3rd party portals and mobile devices.

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