Astro-WISE in processing wide-field images and other data

Williams Rees (University of Groningen), The Astro-WISE Consortium


Astro-WISE stands for Astronomical Wide-field Imaging System for Europe. Astro-WISE is an environment consisting of hardware and software which is federated over about a dozen institutes all over Europe. It has been developed to scientifically exploit the ever increasing avalanche of data produced by science experiments.

The demo will explain the architecture of the Astro-WISE information system and show the use of Astro-WISE interfaces. Wide field images will be processed from the raw image to the final catalog according to the user's request. A wide range of instrument and surveys will be available for reprocessing including WFI, WFC, OmegaCAM etc. The user will be able to ingest and process his/her own images for these instruments. The quality control and the trend analysis for a number of instruments / surveys will be shown.

The use of external resources (Virtual Observatory) and publishing of the data in VO will be shown. Examples of the application of AstroWISE technologies to such diverse fields as medical science and recognition of hand written text (the Target project) will also be shown.

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