ESOcast 29: Running a Desert Town

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12 May 2011

The Cerro Paranal site was chosen to host ESO’s flagship telescope, the VLT, because it is one of the driest and most remote places on Earth. This may make for excellent observing conditions, but the desert is a hostile environment. Water and vegetation are virtually non-existent, not to mention the lack of modern amenities such as power.

How is it possible to run such advanced technology in this barren environment? And how does the site manage to support the staff and visitors at the Paranal Residencia?

This episode of the ESOcast takes us behind the scenes of the Paranal Observatory and shows us how they overcome the immense challenges of life in the Atacama Desert.

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Herbert Zodet
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Herbert Zodet.
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ESOcast 29: Running a Desert Town
ESOcast 29: Running a Desert Town