Tools, best practices and methodologies for Technology Transfer

An ASTRONET Workshop

8. lokakuuta 2014

ASTRONET, a network supported by the European Commission, has the mission to establish a strategic planning mechanism for all European astronomy in the next 5–25 years. Important parts of ASTRONET include the topics of education, recruitment and training, public outreach and industrial links. This work is coordinated by a Working Group which is working on implementing the 10 relevant ASTRONET Infrastructure Roadmap recommendations.

There has always been a close coupling between frontier scientific research and cutting-edge industrial development. The Roadmap found that many countries and organisations however lacks a mechanism within their astronomical community to efficiently identify industrial relevance/transfer to other interlocutors or communities as an integral component of their R&D. ASTRONET is now arranging a workshop for new and experienced individuals working with technology and knowledge transfer activities in European astronomy, primarily in the ASTRONET partner organisations, as well as in the EIROforum organisations.  Digital tools, best practices and methodologies are used by many technology and knowledge transfer networks and offices nationally and internationally. This ASTRONET workshop is intended to introduce some of these digital tools and networking possibilities used by existing Technology and Knowledge Transfer Offices for the benefit of the ASTRONET Partners and Associates.

The workshop will take place on Monday 24 November 2014 at ESO’s Headquarters in Garching bei München, Germany. There is no fee for participation, and registration and hotel booking can be arranged by sending an email to mgunka@partner.eso.org.



Lars Lindberg Christensen
Head of ESO ePOD & ASTRONET Task 5.3 Working Group Chair
Garching bei München, Germany
Tel: +49 89 3200 6761
Cell: +49 173 3872 621
Email: lars@eso.org




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