VLT 5 Years

... the poster

VLT Poster 5 YEARSOn the occasion of the Five Years anniversary of ESO's Very Large Telescope, ESO has produced an A1 poster highlighting the best images taken by this world leading facilities. This collection of images as well as other more recent ones is also available individually for download from the ESO Public Image Archive.

You will find hereunder links to several size of this poster. Please note that the larger files may take considerable time to download using a modem.

  Preview: JPEG RGB 566 x 400 pixels : 256 Kb
Normal: JPEG RGB 1131 x 800 pixels : 668 Kb
Hi-Res: JPEG RGB 4241x3000 pixels : 7 Mb
Hi-Res: TIFF CMYK 4241x3000 pixels : 30 Mb !

Editors are welcome to use these pictures in newspapers and magazines without any reproduction charge, but reference must be always be given to ESO - e.g. by the line "Credit European Organisation for Astronomical Research in the Southern Hemiphere (ESO)" - with whom the copyright rests.

Reproduction for other purposes, including electronic media (e.g. CD-ROMs), are subject to individual permission by ESO, also via the ESO Public Affairs Department.