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A Bird's View of Paranal

30 mai 1996

The latest areal views showing the VLT building site at Cerro Paranal gives a good impression of the progress of the construction

The first image shows the site as seen from 10,000 feet, looking towards the West. The picture gives an overview of the whole platform with the Unit Telescopes, the interferometric tunnel and laboratorory as well as the control building. The white building at the eastern edge of the platform is a temporary workshop used by the construction companies.

Another view of the platform as seen from the Northeast. At the top of the pictures, the low clouds covering the Pacific Ocean underscores the exceptional climate of the area.

The third image is a view from the North, as the aircraft made a low pass over the telescopes. The progress of the individual Unit Telescopes can be seen, with UT1 (right) with its cladding completed, UT2 with the roof structure being mounted and UT3 and 4 in less advanced stages.

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Communiqué de presse N°:eso9629
Legacy ID:Photo 31a-c/96
Nom:Cerro Paranal, Paranal, Very Large Telescope
Type:Unspecified : Technology : Observatory : Telescope
Facility:Very Large Telescope


A bird's view of Paranal
A bird's view of Paranal
A bird's view of Paranal
A bird's view of Paranal
A bird's view of Paranal
A bird's view of Paranal

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