Dark - the fulldome movie (2012)

Dark is funded jointly by iVEC, Scitech and iVEC@UWA.

NOTE: This video may be shown and used in its entirety, also for commercial purposes. The video is however only released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License


Directed by Peter Morse
Produced by Peter Morse & Paul Bourke
Presented by Alan Duffy
Written by Alan Duffy & Peter Morse
Dark Matter Simulations: Alan Duffy and Robert Crain
Dark Matter Visualisations: Paul Bourke
Digital Sky Milky Way Animation: Carley Tillett
Music: Cathie Travers
Audio: Peter Morse & Trevor Hilton
Lighting: Peter Morse & Ákos Brúz
Fulldome time-lapse: Peter Morse & Chris Henderson
Parkes Panorama: Alex Cherney
Galaxy Animation: Paul Bourke
LadyBug-3 Video: Paul Bourke
Compute & Network Support: Jason Tan, Ashley Chew, Khanh Ly (iVEC@UWA)
Galaxy Images Courtesy of Hubble, STScI, NASA
Editing, 3D Modelling, Compositing & Special Effects, Colour Grade: Peter Morse
Special thanks to:
Carley Tillett and Horizon – The Planetarium at Scitech
Paul Ricketts, Centre for Learning Technology, UWA
Thomas Braunl, UWA Centre for Intelligent Information Processing Systems, UWA
John Doyle, Octagon Theatre, UWA
Andreas Wicenec, ICRAR, UWA
Sally Hildred
©2012 iVEC@UWA & Peter Morse
Website: www.darkthemovie.info

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Veröffentlichungsdatum:22. Oktober 2015 14:50
Dauer:20 m 00 s
Frame rate:30 fps

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