Artist’s animation of the active galactic nucleus of Messier 77

This animation shows what the core of Messier 77 might look like. As other active galactic nuclei, the central region of Messier 77 is powered by a black hole that is surrounded by a thin accretion disc, which itself is surrounded by a thick ring or torus of gas and dust. In the case of Messier 77, this thick ring completely obscures our view of the supermassive black hole.   

This active galactic nucleus is also believed to have jets, as well as dusty winds, that flow out of the region around the black hole perpendicularly to the accretion disc around it.


ESO/M. Kornmesser and L. Calçada

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Data publikacji:16 lutego 2022 17:00
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Nazwa:M 77, Messier 77
Typ:Local Universe : Galaxy : Activity : AGN

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