Chasing Starlight show premieres in revamped ESO YouTube channel

25 maj 2023

The first episode of a new monthly show, hosted by ESO astronomer Suzanna Randall, is being released today on the ESO YouTube channel. Chasing Starlight will present exciting astronomy stories in accessible language to online audiences interested in science and engineering. 

The opening episode is dedicated to one of the world’s most advanced telescopes, the Very Large Telescope (VLT), which turns 25 this week. To celebrate the anniversary, Randall is presenting her top 5 VLT science breakthroughs, which include observing first light from a gravitational-wave source and taking the first image of an exoplanet.

Chasing Starlight’s home is the revamped ESO YouTube channel, which now features curated playlists dedicated to different ESO, astronomy and engineering topics. One of the playlists is devoted to ESO’s Extremely Large Telescope (ELT), a facility currently under construction in the Atacama Desert, just a few kilometres away from the VLT. Another playlist, Wonders of the Universe, features breathtaking views of astronomical objects. The latest ESO discoveries and updates, previously in the ESOcast playlist, can now be found on Bite-Sized Astronomy News. Meanwhile, the Broadcaster playlist includes material that media and content producers can re-use.

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Tel: +49 89 3200 6670

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Community Coordination and Communication Strategy
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This image shows a screen capture from the promotional material for the first episode of Chasing Starlight. The host, Suzanna Randall, stands in the middle of the image wearing a dark blue shirt. One of her hands is resting on a surface in front of her, while the other is held pensively. On the right of the image blue concentric circles radiate outwards.
Suzanna Randall in the first episode of Chasing Starlight
The image shows the host of the Chasing Starlight show, Suzanna Randall, on the right hand side in front of a starry background. She is looking over to her right and pointing with her hand at a long, thin interstellar object, ʻOumuamua’. In the bottom left of the image are the words “Chasing Starlight” on a yellow/orange background. In the top right corner, the blue and white ESO logo is shown.
Chasing Starlight episode 1 promo material
The image shows a laptop positioned centrally on a blue blue background. To the right and forward of the laptop is a mobile phone. On each screen the ESO YouTube channel in its new layout can be seen.
Revamped ESO’s YouTube page


Top 5 science results of the last 25 years – with the VLT | Chasing Starlight 1
Top 5 science results of the last 25 years – with the VLT | Chasing Starlight 1