SWG DRM workshop 29-30 May 2007.


29 May

09:00   Welcome & introduction M. Franx / I. Hook
09:15 Update from project office R. Gilmozzi
10:00 Requirements from science cases I. Hook
10:15 PSF simulations A. Ardeberg
10:30 Coffee
DRM demo cases and simulations - 45 min each including discussion
11:00 G4: CMDs of Resolved Stellar Populations E. Tolstoy
G4: Simulations J. Liske
11:45 C10: Physics of Galaxy Mass Assembly P. Rosati
12:30 Lunch
13:15 S3: Direct detection of Exo Planets R. Rebolo
S3: Simulations R. Gratton
DRM prominent science cases - 30 min each including discussion
14:00 S3: Rocky planets in the HZ of low-mass stars and brown dwarfs R. Rebolo
15:00 C2: Dynamical measurement of Expansion M. Haehnelt
15:30 Coffee
16:00 S9: 10-20 micron imaging of circumstellar disks M. McCaughrean
16:30 S9: CO fundamental spectroscopy M. McCaughrean
17:00 G4: Abundances and kinematics (low R) E. Tolstoy
17:30 G4: Detailed abundances (high R) E. Tolstoy

30 May

09:00   S4: Characterizing the lowest mass freely floating objects F. Comeron
09:30 S5: Centers of Massive Clusters H. Zinnecker
10:00 S3: Characterisation of transiting planets D. Queloz
10:30 G9: Spatially resolved spectroscopy W. Freudling
11:00 G9: RV test of GR in LMXBs R. Rebolo
12:00 C4: The highest redshift galaxies M. Franx
12:30 Lunch
13:30 C7: The metallicity of the low-density IGM J. Bergeron
14:00 C10: Integrated spectroscopy A. Cimatti
14:30 C10: High resolution imaging M. Franx
Discussion and instrumentation
15:20 Update on the launching and specifications of ELT 1st generation instrument studies  S. D'Odorico
15:45 Implications of DRM cases for telescope, AO and instrumentation All
16:30 Implications of DRM on telescope time G. Monnet
16:45 Prioritization of simulations All
17:00 End