SWG meeting 02 Apr 2008.


J. Liske
09:00   Welcome & agenda M. Franx / I. Hook
09:10 Update on Phase B, overall plan, milestones R. Gilmozzi
09:30 Phase B telescope development, milestones J. Spyromilio
10:00 DRM update
Colour-mag diagrams of resolved stellar populations
The physics of high-z galaxies M. Puech
Direct detection of exoplanets R. Gratton
11:00 Coffee
11:15 New template for DRM reports M. Puech
11:30 New E-ELT Science web pages J. Liske
11:45 Future DRM development M. Kissler-Patig / I. Hook / M. Franx
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Update on site, role of SWG J. Spyromilio / R. Gilmozzi
14:00 Update on instrumentation studies S. D'Odorico
14:30 Requirements on coronograph M. McCaughrean
14:40 Role of SWG and SWG interaction with instrumentation studies
15:00 Coffee
15:30 Progress on action items
Planning of SWG activities for 2008/2009
16:00 Writing of recommendations
17:00 End