SWG meeting 08-09 Apr 2010.


08 Apr

09:00   Welcome & overall goals of the meeting I. Hook / M. Kissler-Patig
09:15 Review of conflict of interest statements and policy I. Hook / M. Kissler-Patig
09:30 Project update R. Gilmozzi
Status of industrial contracts
Status of construction proposal and reminder of timeline
10:00 Instrumentation update S. D'Odorico
Summary of final reviews
Project office comments on readiness for first light
(and for 1st generation in general)
Other issues
10:30 Coffee
10:50 Telescope and AO update relevant to instrumentation M. Kissler-Patig
Comments on timing of availability of various modes M. Kissler-Patig
Review of AO useage statistics (Laser availability etc)
Status of intermediate focus for calibration unit
11:10 Summary of ATLAS and MAORY AO modules E. Tolstoy
11:20 Review of SWG instrument summary sheets – I
20 mins per instrument: 5 min summary by SWG observers
+ 15mins discussion/updating of summary sheet
CODEX S. Feltzing / J. Bergeron
EAGLE P. Rosati / W. Freudling
EPICS M. McCaughrean / M. Lehnert
HARMONI A. Cimatti / R. Gratton
12:40 Lunch
13:30 Review of SWG instrument summary sheets – II
METIS M. Merrifield / H. Zinnecker
MICADO F. Comeron / P. Madau
OPTIMOS J.M. Espinosa / M. Haehnelt
SIMPLE S. Feltzing / I. Hook
15:10 Coffee
15:40 Review of results of pre-meeting poll of SWG I. Hook / M. Kissler-Patig
Pre-selection of the ~three pairs that will lead the discussion
16:00 Review of criteria for selection of first light instrument pairs All
and initial discussion on first light instruments
Priorities for first light instrument pair
Discussion of importance and desirability of additional modes
e.g. spectropolarimetry and high-time resolution
Review of other inputs e.g. publication statistics from VLT
16:50 Coffee
17:00 Initial proposal for 1st light instrument pair
Propose a ranking of the first light pairs I. Hook / M. Kissler-Patig
Discussion All
18:00 End
19:30 SWG dinner in Garching (Moti Mahal - below Hotel Konig Ludwig)

09 Apr

09:00   Review discussion of first light instrument pair(s)
Finalise the first light ranking and summarise the arguments
Discussion of whether a first light triplet should be considered
10:00 Discussion priorities for subsequent capabilities making up the first generation suite
Identify capabilities that are not first light, but ought to be first generation
Identify capabilities that are not critical for the first decade
Identify capabilities that need R&D or await demonstration of principle
11:00 Coffee
11:30 Discussion of subsequent capabilities (cntd)
Proposal for a sequence of implementation of the capabilities
(backed-up by scientific arguments)
Discussion of alternatives and break-points for decisions in the next decade
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Summarise arguments into the recommendations document
Priorities for 1st light inst pair + reasons
Comments on associated AO modes for first light
Priorities for 1st generation capabilities + reasons
Comments on associated AO modes for first generation
Comments on specific modes (spectropol, high time resolution)
Break-points for future decisions
Are there any instruments/capabilities that should not be pursued further?
Accompanying statement about conflicts of interest
15:00 Coffee
15:30 Writing of recommendations (cntd)
16:30 Next steps
DRM and DRSP report updates
Funding timeline
Dates of next meeting and telecons
Timeline for and dissimination of the final SWG report on instrumentation
17:30 End