SWG meeting 12-13 Jul 2011.


12 Jul

14:00   Welcome & Agenda I. Hook
14:05 E-ELT approval process and status A. Russell
14:35 Phase B Status summary R. Gilmozzi / A. McPherson
15:20 Instrumentation plan M. Casali
Review instrumentation roadmap for proposal
Review R&D development plan
Questions & initial discussion
16:00 Coffee
16:15 Discussion of instrument roadmap (cont)
MCAO for the NIR diffraction limited imager
Instrument #3
Decision process and timescale for instruments #4 and #5
Decision process and timescale for instrument #6
Special role of the XAO Planet Imager
17:15 Science Operations F. Comeron
Review of operations section of the proposal
Discussion in light of previous SWG recommendations
18:00 End
19:30 SWG dinner

13 Jul

08:45   Science Case M. Kissler-Patig
Impact of design changes on science
Review of science case section of proposal
Summary of Armazones site characterisation data
Discussion on the draft impact and science case documents
09:45 General discussion
Instrument roadmap vs. science case
Instrument roadmap impact on operations
10:40 Coffee
11:00 Discussion on Science advisory structure for the next phase
11:30 Discussion on E-ELT outreach during construction
11:50 Upcoming events/meetings
12:00 Write recommendations
12:30 End / Lunch