Conference Programme

The abstracts of all presentations can be found in the abstract booklet.

Monday, 29 August
 8:30 Registration  
 9:00 Opening/Welcome  
 9:10 Patrick Roche The Astronomical Landscape in 2020 (invited review)
 9:50 Roberto Gilmozzi The European Extremely Large Telescope (invited review)
10:30 Patrick McCarthy The Giant Magellan Telescope - Project Status (invited review)
11:10 Coffee Break  
11:40 Timothy Davidge The TMT: A GIant with an Appetite (invited review)

Surveys and facilities

12:20 Thijs de Graauw The Atacama Large Millimeter/submilliemiter Array: Construction and Operations Update  (invited review)
12:50 Mark Clampin (Andrew Bunker)
Overview of the James Webb Space Telescope (invited review)
13:20 Lunch  
15:30 Timo Prusti GAIA (invited review)
16:00 Philip Marshall The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (invited review)
16:30 L. Staveley-Smith The Square Kilometre Array (invited review)
17:00 Coffee Break  
17:30 Will Sutherland Public surveys with VISTA
17:50 Pietro Schipani Commissioning the VST: a new survey machine at ESO
18:10 Roberto Scaramella
Euclid: mapping the geometry of the dark Universe
18:30 William Lee The Synoptic All Sky Infrared Survey (SASIR)
Tuesday, 30 August

Solar system

 9:00 Franck Marchis
Planetary Science in the Eyes of Giant Telescopes (invited review)
 9:40 Andrea Milani
Conditions for a survey of everything to be a Solar System Survey


10:00 Anne-Marie Lagrange Exoplanets, ELTs and surveys (invited review)
10:40 Didier Queloz Feeding the greedy "Giants" with transiting planets
11:00 Coffee Break  
11:30 Jean Philippe Beaulieu

ECHO: The Exoplanet Chracterization Observatory
11:50 Arnaud Cassan EUCLID as a planet hunter: Frozen Mars and Habitable Earths
12:10 Matthias Tecza Exoplanet direct detection with NICI and EPICS
12:30 Lunch  

Stars and Milky Way

15:30 Manuela Zoccali Mapping the Galactic Bulge with recent surveys (invited review)
16:10 Marco Castellani GAIA in the era of ELTs
16:30 Bacham Eswar Reddy Spectroscopic Studies: Galactic Disk Populations
16:50 Coffee Break  

Stellar Astrophysics

17:20 Giuseppe Bono Stellar systems with the ELTs (in NIR) (invited review)
18:00 Stefan Keller Only the best for the Giants: surveys to find the stellar truffles in the Galactic forest
18:20 Fred Watson Stellar Surveys at the Australian Astronomical Observatory (AAO)
18:40 Hans Zinnecker First Science with SOFIA (movie 1, movie 2)
21:00  Public Event: Conference of Roberto Gilmozzi and Star Party
Wednesday, 31 August
09:00 Roger Blandford

Feeding the Giants (with data and funding) (invited review)

Nearby Galaxies

09:40 Carme Gallart Nearby galaxies: new prospects with ELTs (invited review)
10:20 Laura Greggio Resolved Stellar Population in the ELT era
10:40 Giuliana Fiorentino Colour-Magnitude diagrams in the E-ELT era
11:00 Coffee Break  
11:30 Cirino Pappalardo The star formation history of Virgo spiral galaxies - Combined spectral and photometric inversion
11:50 Chris Evans ELT spectroscopy of resolved stellar populations

Future instrumentation

12:10 Gavin Dalton WEAVE - Fibre-MOSpectroscopy for the next decade
12:30 Rebecca Bernstein The Design and Capabilities of the Wide Field Optical Spectrograph for TMT
12:50 Guy Monnet Feeding a Giant: MANIFEST at GMT (movie)
13:10   Conference Photo
13:30 Lunch  
15:30 Social Trip or Free Afternoon
Thursday, 1 September

Future Instrumentation

9:00 Niranjan Thatte HARMONI - A Work-Horse Instrument for the E-ELT
9:20 Paolo Ciliegi Large filed of view and ELTs: an impossible marriage?

Time Variability

9:40 Shri Kulkarni The (New) Phase Space of Optical Transients (movie) (invited review)
10:20 Nial Tanvir GRBs in the era of ELTs
10:40 Roberto Mignani Optical/IR observations of high-energy sources (movie)
11:00 Coffee Break  

Galaxy Evolution and Cosmology

11:30 Carlos Frenk Galaxy Evolution and Cosmology (Invited review)
12:30 Michele Cirasuolo
The next generation of near-IR spectrographs KMOS and MOONS
12:50 Francois Hammer (Gavin Dalton)
Kinematics of extended gas around distant galaxies with OPTIMOS-EVE


15:30 Mark Lacy
The Spitzer Extragalctic Representative Volume Survey: SERVing large telescopes with near-infrared data
15:50 Mattia Vaccari
HerMES:The Herschel Multi-tiered Extragalactic Survey

World Cafè

16:10 Markus Kissler-Patig World Cafè
18:10 Gerry Gilmore World Cafè - Conclusions

Conference Dinner

Friday, 2 September

Galaxy Evolution and Cosmology

 9:30 Carlotta Gruppioni The PACS Evolutionary Probe (PEP): a Deep Extragalactic GTO Survey with Herschel
9:50 Luigi Spinoglio FIR Spectroscopic Cosmological surveys with SPICA
10:10 Paolo Padovani The SKA and its pathfinders and their synergy with the ELTs
10:30 Andrew Bunker Star forming galaxies at z > 5 & Reionization
10:50 Coffee Break  
11:20 Silvio Lorenzoni Star-forming Galaxies at z~8-9 from HST/WFC3: Implications for Reionization
11:40 Ikuru Iwata
Our WISH: Feeding z > 10 Targets to ELTs

 Conference Summary & Conclusions

12:00 Richard Ellis Feeding the Giants: Concluding Remarks

End of Workshop