Travel Information

Reciprocity tax at the Santiago airport

All those travellers with passports from Australia and Mexico, have to pay a reciprocity tax before entering International Police.

  • Australia: US$117.00
  • Mexico: US$23.00

Travelling to Pucón

Pucón is a small destination city in the middle of the southern lake region in Chile, 780 km. south of Santiago. It is located in the Villarrica lake basin, close to the volcano of the same name, national parks, glaciers, rivers, lakes and mineral springs.

By plane: Santiago de Chile (SCL) to Temuco (ZCO), La Araucania (ZCO), Chile

Temuco is located at only 80 minutes by airplane from Santiago. The distance from the Temuco airport to Pucón is around 90 km by land.
LATAM Airlines  and Sky Airlines have daily flights to Temuco. 


By land: Santiago - Pucon

There are several bus services that go to Pucón from Santiago. They usually leave in the late evening and the trip takes approximately 10 hours.
If you need assistance, please get in contact with the LOC.


Information about the transfer service Temuco airport - Pucon


We are looking into organizing a shuttle/bus service to and from Temuco airport to Pucon on  Sunday, Dec. 9 and Saturday, December 15. Details will be included when available.
Participants should share the cost among themselves. Preliminary cost is CLP$10.000 (USD$16.00, EUR14.00) per person in a van for 6 passengers