What makes ESO's Studentship programme unique and attractive?

As the foremost astronomy organisation and the world's most productive observatory with three cutting-edge observing sites in Chile's Atacama desert, ESO is clearly a special place to work and to do astronomy. ESO offers many unique opportunities for students that cannot be obtained elsewhere:

  • ESO students have an opportunity to share a truly international environment where they work closely with people from different cultures and disciplines.
  • ESO provides an innovative and creative environment where students are empowered to make an individual contribution.
  • ESO students may have the opportunity to visit the observatories and to get involved in small technical projects aimed at giving insights into the observatory operations and instrumentation.
  • ESO has a lively scientific environment with a large number of astronomers, and a wide offer of scientific talks.
  • ESO students have several figures that support them: a Staff Astronomer acts as official supervisor, a Fellow acts as mentor and more than 50 other Ph.D. students in the campus are a precious source of information.

In summary, there are few other Ph.D. programmes in astronomy that offer the unique combination of professional and personal development that ESO's Studentship programme does. Hear directly from the ESO Students watching this ESOcast!


ESO Studentship in Garching

  • The Garching campus is one of the largest in Europe with several other Astronomical Research Institutes: http://www.forschung-garching.de/
  • ESO is part of the IMPRS programme gathering various institutes in Munich and opening relevant courses in Astronomy and Computer Science
  • The Garching campus hosts one of the best Supercomputer in the world, and ESO is part of the Computational Centre for Particle Physics and Astrophysics within the ORIGINS Excellence Cluster: https://www.origins-cluster.de/en/
  • Munich is a well-connected, beautiful place with lots of things to do, and is often ranked among the 10 best cities in the World to live in.

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ESO Studentship in Santiago

  • The Vitacura campus - with ESO and ALMA offices - is a lively scientific environment comprising almost 100 astronomers. Santiago also hosts several active astronomical depeartments in universities.
  • Students are in direct contact with the staff of the La Silla Paranal Observatory and ALMA and thus benefit from a unique in-house expertise in instrumentation and observational techniques. 
  • Students have the opportunity to visit Paranal, La Silla, or APEX and are encouraged to participate in observatory projects where they contribute to operational aspects or improve the instrument characterisation or calibration.
  • With its grand cities and breathtaking landscapes, South America is a great place to visit and live in.

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