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Name Post Scientific Interests Email
Abbott, Timothy Associate Scientist
CTIO, La Serena
Late stages of binary stellar evolution; Instrumentation; Detectors
Aladro, Rebeca Fellow,
Astrochemistry; Interstellar medium; Nuclei of Galaxies

Altmann, Martin

U. de Chile

BHB stars, sdB stars, white dwarfs, brown dwarfs, dwarf galaxies; Galactic structure (especially Thick Disk and Halo)

Álvarez, Héctor

Full Professor,
U. de Chile

Galactic structure
Anderson, Joseph Fellow,
Supernovae progenitors, and constraints using observations of parent stellar populations; Hydrogen-rich type II supernovae light-curves and spectra; Supernova host galaxies
Aravena, Manuel Núcleo de Astronomía, Facultad de Ingeniería, Univ. Diego Portales Formation and evolution of high redshift galaxies(star-formation and AGN); Radio and submillimeter extra-galatic astronomy; Multiwavelength galaxy evolution surveys (COSMOS)
Arias, Julia Post-Doc,
U. de La Serena


Massive stars; Star Forming Regions; Magellanic Clouds;
Herbig-Haro objects
Asmus, Daniel Fellow,
Active Galactic Nuclei, in particular nearby active galaxies; Mid-infrared observations; Ground-based techniques; Astrophysical dust
Barbá, Rodolfo H. Full Professor,
U. de La Serena
Massive star forming regions; Local starbursts; Young clusters
Barrera, Luis Universidad Metropolitana de Ciencias de la Educación,
Depto. de Física
Variable stars, Be, and cataclysmic; Solar system TNOs

Barrientos, Felipe Associate Professor,
Elliptical galaxies; Cluster of galaxies; Observational cosmology
Beamin, Juan Carlos Student,
Nearby stars; Brown dwarfs; Galactic structure
Bergmann, Marcel Research Associate, NGSC
CTIO, La Serena
Galaxy Evolution; Stellar Populations; Galaxy Dynamics; Field vs. Cluster Evolutionary Effects

Blum, Robert

Associate Astronomer,
CTIO, La Serena

The Galactic Center; Stellar kinematics and mass distribution in the central Milky Way

Boffin, Henri
Staff Astronomer, ESO/Chile Binary nuclei of planetary nebulae; interacting binary stars; brown dwarfs and exoplanets
Borissova, Jordanka Full Professor,
U. de Valparaíso
Resolved stellar populations of nearby galaxies Young stellar groups; open and globular clusters; variable stars Stellar photometry and spectroscopy; radial velocities

Brillant, Stephane

Staff Astronomer, ESO/Chile

Magnetic fields in Ap and Bp stars: modeling; Radial velocity searches for extra-solar planets; Planet-transit searches

Bronfman, Leonardo

Full Professor,
U. de Chile

Molecular Clouds; Galactic structures

Campusano, Luis

Full Professor,
U. de Chile

Superclustering at redshift 0.4-2.0; Quasar surveys; Search for high-z clusters of galaxies and evolution of distant galaxies

Carraro, Giovanni Operations Staff Astronomer
Open Star Clusters and Galactic Structure; Kuiper Belt Objects
Casassus, Simon

Assistant Professor,
U. de Chile


Planetary nebulae; Star formation
Catelan, Marcio

Associate Professor,


Stellar evolution; Globular clusters; RR-Lyrae variable stars
Chini, Rolf Science Director, UCN Chile Star formation; Exoplanets; AGN

Clochiatti, Alejandro

Director Astronomy & Astrophysics Dept., Associate Professor,

SN; Extensive studies of well observed bright events and usage of more distant events as distance estimators

Comerón, Fernando ESO Representative in Chile Young stellar objects at both ends of the stellar and substellar mass function; the study of manifestations of stellar youth at low masses such as accretion and outflows; the dynamics of the interstellar medium.

Cortés, Juan

U. de Chile

Galaxy evolution; Galactic dynamics; Clusters of galaxies

Costa, Edgardo

Associate Professor,
U. de Chile

Astrometry; Giant Reds

Cuevas, Héctor A. Part-time Associate Professor,
U. de La Serena
Superclusters of galaxies; Spectral classification of galaxies; Cluster of galaxies

Curé, Michel

Full Professor,
U. de Valparaíso

Stellar rotation; Wind of Be and B[e] stars; Radiation driven wind theory

De Buizer, James

Research Associate
CTIO, La Serena

Masers emission in star forming regions; Circumstellar disks and environments
De Gregorio-Monsalvo, Itziar ALMA Staff Astronomer,

De Propris, Roberto Assistant Astronomer
CTIO, La Serena
Infrared astronomy; Clusters of Galaxies; Galaxy luminosity function Redshift surveys
De Wit, Willem-Jan Staff Astronomer, ESO/Chile Interferometry; Star formation

Dent, Bill ALMA Staff Astronomer,

Star & planet formation, particularly debris disks; Protoplanetary disks and IR/submm spectroscopy

Dumas, Christophe

Staff Astronomer, ESO/Chile

Small solar system bodies;
Near-infrared spectroscopy and adaptive optics imaging

Dumke, Michael

Staff Astronomer, ESO/Chile

Molecular gas in galaxies; Cold dust; Extragalactic magnetic fields

Dünner, Rolando Ph.D. Student,
Astronomical Instrumentation: Submillimeter
Ertel, Steve Fellow,
Debris disks; Exodiacal dust

Escala, Andrés

U. de Chile

Black holes in Galaxies; SPH

Espinoza, Pablo Student,
Young star clusters; the Initial Mass Function; Extrasolar planets

Faúndez, Santiago

U. de Chile

Molecular clouds

Fernandez, Jose M. Ph.D. Student PUC & SAO-CfA Predoc Fellow Extrasolar Planets; Low Mass Stars; Supernovae

Gadotti, Dimitri Fellow,
Galaxy Formation and Evolution; Galaxy Structure; Black Holes and AGN Activity
Galaz, Gaspar Assistant Professor, PUC Stellar content of galaxies; Galaxy evolution; Statistical properties of the galaxy distribution
Galazutdinov, Gazinur Associate Professor, UCN Interstellar medium

Garay, Guido

Full Professor,
U. de Chile

Compact HII regions, hot ammonia cores, bipolar outflows, disks, and masers; Chemistry of bipolar outflows; Physical properties of molecular clouds

García A., Diego Fellow,
Radioastronomy; Gas in galaxies; Nearby and LSB galaxies
García Varela, Alejandro José Ph.D. Student, U. de Concepción Extragalactic distance scale; Period-Luminosity relation for Cepheid variables

Geisler, Douglas

Full Professor,
U. de Concepción

Composition, age and content of stellar populations; Globular clusters as probes of galaxy formation

Gieren, Wolfgang

Full Professor,
U. de Concepción

Extragalactic distance scale; Planetary companions to solar type stars

Girard, Julien Staff Astronomer, ESO/Chile Adaptive optics; High-angular resolution applications; Active Galactic Nuclei
Gonzalez, Oscar Fellow,
Galaxy formation and evolution; Stellar abundances; The galactic Bulge

Gregory, Brooke


IR Instrumentation: development and operations

Gutierrez, Claudia Student
Spectral analysis of Type II Supernovae; Spectral diversity and correlations with photometric properties; Metallicity estimation from SNII and SN Progenitors
Guzman-Ramirez, Lizette Fellow,
Planetary Nebulae; Astrochemistry; PAHs
Hamuy, Mario Associate Professor, U. de Chile Supernovae; Cosmology; GRBs

Hardy, Eduardo

Head, NRAO/AUI-Chile / Adjoint Professor,
U. de Chile

Galaxies; Stellar Populations; Cosmology; ALMA

Haubois, Xavier Fellow,
Infrared interferometric imaging of evolved stars; design phase of GRAVITY

Heathcote, Steve

Director SOAR, Astronomer
CTIO, La Serena

Star formation; Herbig-Haro objects; Novae and SN

Hills, Richard

ALMA Project Scientist

Millimetre-wave telescopes

Infante, Leopoldo Full Professor,
Galaxy evolution; Pairs, groups and clusters of galaxies; LSB, dwarf and Star forming galaxies in relation to environment; High-z QSOs

Ingerson, Tom

Senior Support Scientist,
CTIO, La Serena

Optics; Instrumentation

Johnston, Evelyn
ESO, Chile
Galaxy evolution; Star formation; Formation of counter rotating discs
Juin, Jean-Baptiste Post-Doc,
U. de Concepción
Cosmology; Large-scale structure; Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect
Kaminski, Thomas Fellow,
Kaufer, Andreas

Staff Astronomer,

Chemical evolution of Local Group galaxies; Variability of hot luminous stars; Optical Instrumentation

Kimeswenger, Stefan (Full) Professor,
Late Stages of Stellar Evolution and Planetary Nebulae; Atmospheric Research with Astronomical Facilities; Star formation; Numerical Modeling in Astrophysics
Kneissl, Ruediger

ALMA Science Operations Astronomer

Cosmic Microwave Background; Clusters of Galaxies; Cosmology

Kolaczkowski, Zbigniew Post-Doc,
U. de Concepción
Variable stars (pulsating, binary systems)
in Local Group galaxies; open clusters and Galactic Bulge
Kruehler, Thomas Fellow,
GRBs -Gamma Rays bursts; High redshift galaxies;  High-redshift star formation
Kumar, Brijesh Post-Doc,
U. de Concepción
Star Clusters; Dark halos of galaxies, astronomical

Kunkel, William


Environments of galaxies; Dwarf stellar systems; Kinematics of Local Group galaxies

Lacerna, Ivan Student,
Galaxy Evolution; Galactic Dynamics; Groups and
clusters of galaxies

Ledoux, Cédric

Staff Astronomer,

Quasar absorption line systems; Galaxy formation and evolution; Large-scale structure of the Universe

Leon, Stéphane ALMA Staff Astronomer,
Effects of the environment on stellar systems; ISM content of radio galaxies, barred and isolated galaxies
Leyton, Juan Part-time Assistant Professor,
U. de La Serena
Stellar seismology (Helioseismology); Morphological segregation of galaxy groups; Cosmology

Liller, William

Instituto Isaac Newton

Galactic and extragalactic globular clusters; Galactic structure; Magellanic Clouds; Novae search; Comets; Archeoastronomy

Lindgren, Harri

PhD astronomy

Galactic structure; Kinematics and abundances of Pop II stars; Pop II binaries; Interstellar lines

Lira, Paulina

Assistant Professor,
U. de Chile

AGN; X-rays

Lo Curto, Gaspare Staff Astronomer, ESO/Chile

López, Sebastián

Assistant Professor
U. de Chile

QSO absorption lines as a probe of the IGM; Gravitational lensing

Marconi, Gianni

Commissioning Scientist of the ALMA Observatory (Array Group lead)

Dwarf galaxies; Globular and open clusters; O and B stars in Magellanic Clouds clusters

Mardones, Diego

Assistant Professor, U. de Chile

Stellar formation

Marsset, Michaël Student,
ESO, Chile
Solar System’s small bodies (asteroids, comets, TNOs, Trojans)

Martayan, Christophe

Staff Astronomer, ESO/Chile

Massive stars: O, B, Be, LBV, GRB; Metallicity effects, stellar rotation and evolution; Galaxies, Magellanic Clouds

Jorge H. C. Martins Student,
ESO, Chile
Detection of reflected light from exoplanets

Mathys, Gautier

ALMA Staff Astronomer,

Stellar magnetic fields; Abundance anomalies in main-sequence A and B stars; Spectropolarimetry

Matrà, Luca Student,
ESO, Chile
Gas in Debris disks; Modelling co-emission; MM/Sub-mm line observations

Maza, José

Full Professor,
U. de Chile

SN; Seyfert galaxies; Quasars

Mehner, Andrea Staff Astronomer, ESO/Chile Eta Carinae (end stages of massive stars, variable massive stars)

Melnick, Jorge

ESO Astronomer Emeritus

Violent star formation; Galactic and extragalactic starbursts; Evolution of massive stars

Méndez, René



Assistant Professor, U. de Chile


Stellar populations; Galactic structure; Stellar dynamics and kinematics

Mennickent, Ronald

Full Professor, U. de Concepción

Stellar variability; Variable stars: cataclysmic variables, symbiotic stars, Be stars

Merand, Antoine

Staff astronomer,

Stellar interferometry; Cepheids; Stellar environment

Mieske, Steffen

Staff astronomer,

Ultra-compact dwarf galaxies; Internal dynamics of star clusters; the Galaxy luminosity function

Milli, Julien Fellow,
Perfomance of SPHERE (high-resolution contrast images); Study of circumstellar disks with high-contrast imaging

Minniti, Dante

Full Professor,

Optical-IR astronomy; Galactic structure; Open and Globular clusters; Stellar populations and evolution; Variable stars; Microlensing; Dwarf galaxies

Moni Bidin, Christian Asistant Professor,
Galactic stellar populations and clusters; Galactic dynamics; Hot horizontal branch stars
Montenegro, Francisco Staff Astronomer,
High-redshift quasars; Multi-wavelength characterisation
of galaxies and quasars


Morelli, Lorenzo Post-Doc,
Galaxy kinematics;
Stellar population in nearby galaxies;
Microlensing with SuperMACHOS project.
Morrell, Nidia Astronomer,
Massive stars; Binaries, stars in star forming regions; Supernovae

Motta, Verónica

Full Professor,
U. de Valparaíso

Gravitational lenses; Galaxy evolution

Moyano, Maximiliano Post-doc, UCN Extrasolar planets
Muñoz Mateos, Juan Carlos Fellow,
Galaxy formation and evolution; Interstellar medium
Murphy, Miguel Director, UCN
Muzic, Koraljka/Kora Fellow,
Brown dwarfs and low-mass stars; Star forming regions; Galactic center
Nagar, Neil Associate Professor,
U. de Concepción
Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN): demography and accretion mechanisms; AGN evolution over z = 6 to z = 0

Nikolic, Silvana

FONDAP Post-doc,
U. de Chile

Star formation; Physics and Chemistry of Galactic and Extragalactic Molecular Clouds

Nitschelm, Christian Staff Astronomer,
Astronomia, Univ. Antofagasta
Binary stars; Spectroscopic binaries; Sco-Cen Complex; Variable stars, Minor bodies of the Solar System

Noel, Fernando

Full Professor,
U. de Chile

Reference systems; Solar astrometry

Norman, Dara

NSF Postdoctoral Fellow,
CTIO, La Serena

Weak gravitational lensing; Large-scale structure; Quasars

Nyman, Lars-Åke

Head of Science Operations

Envelopes around AGB and post-AGB stars; Large scale structure of the Galaxy; Molecular clouds in relation to star formation

Ohnaka, Keiichi
Associate Professor,
Late stages of stellar evolution; High angular resolution observation; Optical and infrared interferometry; Stellar atmospheres; Radiative transfer modeling of dusty media
Olsen, Knut

Assistant Astronomer,
CTIO, La Serena

Bubbles; Interstellar reddening; Stellar clusters

Padilla, Nelson Assistant Professor,
Galaxy formation; Large scale structure; CMB;
Cosmological parameters
Parra, Rodrigo Staff Astronomer, ESO/Chile Continuum and spectral line cm and mm wave interferometric techniques particularly VLBI; Interstellar Masers; Dense molecular gas in star-forming regions

Peck, Alison

Deputy Project Scientist, ALMA

Radio and (sub)mm interferometers; AGN; Molecular gas and dust in galaxies

Pedreros, Mario

Full Professor,
U. de Tarapacá

Open clusters: main sequence fitting; Cepheids and other objects in clusters;Young clusters and spiral structure; Local group galaxies: proper motions and velocities

Peixinho, Nuno Staff Astronomer,
Astronomia, Univ. Antofagasta
Trans-Neptunian Objects; Minor bodies of the Solar System

Phillips, Mark

Associate Director,

SN; Extragalactic Astronomy; Cosmic Distance Scale; Cosmology

Phillips, Neil Test Scientist,
Far-IR to radio wavelength observing techniques and instrumentation, calibration; Data reduction algorithms; Astronomical databases and the Virtual Observatory

Pietrzynski, Grzegorz

U. de Concepción

Extragalactic distance scale; Stellar clusters

Points, Sean

Assistant Scientist,
CTIO, La Serena

Large-scale structure and evolution of the interstellar medium

Pompei, Emanuela

Staff Astronomer, ESO/Chile

Dynamics of gas and stars in spirals; Compact groups of galaxies; Spectroscopy and photometry

Quintana, Hernan

Full Professor,

Observational astrophysics; Clusters of galaxies; Interacting galaxies; Large scale structures

Rabanus, David Instrument Specialist, ALMA
Submillimetre Astronomy; Star Formation
Ramírez, Amelia Assistant Professor,
U. de La Serena
Clusters of galaxies; Interacting elliptical galaxies; Brightest Clusters Members

Reisenegger, Andreas Associate Professor,
Theoretical astrophysics: neutron stars; stellar magnetic fields; clusters and superclusters of galaxies

Richtler, Tom

Full Professor,
U. de Concepción

Globular clusters; Dynamics in the outer haloes of galaxies

Rivinius, Thomas

Staff Astronomer, ESO/Chile

Hot Stars; Circumstellar Environment; Stellar Pulsations

Rodon, Javier Fellow,
4th year at ESO/Garching

Rodríguez C., Manuel

Part-time Assistant Professor,
U. de La Serena

Variable stars; Magnetic stars; RS CVn; Peculiar ringed galaxies

Romanowsky, Aaron Post-Doc,
U. de Concepción
Dynamics of halos of elliptical galaxies; Observation and theory of galaxies and stellar systems

Roth, Miguel


Regions of star formation; Stellar evolution; Very-low-mass stars

Rubio, Mónica

Full Professor,
U. de Chile

Molecular clouds; Magellanic clouds

Ruiz, María Teresa

Full Professor,
U. de Chile

Star clusters; Low-mass stars; White dwarfs

Sabogal, Beatriz Ph.D. Student,
U. de Concepción
Variable stars: eruptive blue stars in the Magellanic clouds; Brown dwarfs
Sani, Eleonora Staff Astronomer, ESO/Chile AGN-Star Formation connection in high luminous galaxies;
Black Hole –host galaxy co-evolution; scaling relations; Black Hole feeding and accretion processes in AGNs

Saviane, Ivo

Staff Astronomer, ESO/Chile

Globular clusters; Dwarf galaxies; Stellar populations and chemical evolution of galaxies

Schmidtobreick, Linda

Staff Astronomer, ESO/Chile

Stellar populations of our galaxy; Cataclysmic variables; Structure of galactic disks

Schuler, Simon

Research Associate, NOAO/CTIO

High-resolution spectroscopy and the chemical abundances of various stellar populations; including open cluster stars, metal-poor stars, and planetary hosts

Sedaghati, Elyar Student,
ESO, Chile
Exoplanet transmission spectroscopy; Characterising the atmospheres of mini-Neptunes & beyond

Selman, Fernando

Staff Astronomer, ESO/Chile


Young star clusters in 30 Doradus; Super-associations in galaxies; Extinction laws

Siringo, Giorgio

Staff Astronomer, ESO/Chile


Millimeter and submillimeter astronomy; Magnetic fields and polarization in star forming regions; AGN variability and polarization at mm/submm wavelengths; Anisotropies and polarization of the Cosmic Background Radiation

Smette, Alain Staff Astronomer, ESO/Chile Gravitational Lenses; Qso Absorption Lines; Gamma-Ray Bursts

Smith, Robert Chris

CTIO Director

SN; SN remnants; Interstellar medium

Smoker, Jonathan

Staff Astronomer, ESO/Chile

Interstellar medium; High-Latitude early-type stars; PAGB stars

Solis, Basilio Ph.D. Student,
Cosmology; Galaxies and Clusters of galaxies; Extragalactic Submm Astronomy
Steenbrugge, Katrien Professor, UCN AGN; X-ray spectroscopy

Suntzeff, Nicholas

Astronomer Tenure,
CTIO, La Serena

Stellar populations; Globular clusters

Szeifert, Thomas

Staff Astronomer, ESO/Chile

Physics of luminous hot stars; Chemical evolution of the Milky Way; Polarized light from astronomical objects

Szewczyk, Olaf Post-Doc, U. de Concepción Extragalactic distance scale; Stellar clusters; Solar System Objects
Taylor, Matthew
ESO, Chile
Massive compact stellar systems (GCs, UCDs, etc.); GC systems of galaxies and groups; Formation history of Centaurus A

Tokovinin, Andrei

Associate Astronomer, GMST
CTIO, La Serena

Binary and multiple stars (formation, statistics, orbits); Site testing; Adaptive optics

Torstensson, Karl Staff Astronomer,
High-mass star formation; ISM; Centimetre, millimetre and submillimetre Astronomy; Interferometry; VLBI
Tristram, Konrad Staff Astronomer,
Dust and gas in active galactic nuclei; Variability of active galactic nuclei, reverberation mapping; High angular resolution imaging and spectroscopy, infrared & submm interferometry
Unda-Sanzana, Eduardo

Director Astronomia
Univ. Antofagasta

Cataclysmic variables; Transiting exoplanets; Minor bodies of the Solar System; Astroengineering

Valcarce, Aldo Student,
Stellar Evolution, Globular Clusters
Vasquez, Sergio Student,
Galactic Astronomy, Globular Clusters

Van der Bliek, Nicole

Associate scientist,
CTIO, La Serena

AGB stars in the Galactic Bulge; Colours of (cool) stars; IMF in star forming regions; IR instrumentation and IR standard stars

Vigan, Arthur Fellow,
High-contrast instrumentation; Direct imaging of exoplanets
Vlahakis, Catherine ALMA Staff Astronomer,
Study of the properties of the molecular and dusty interstellar medium, using observations at (sub)millimetre and far-infrared wavelengths

Vogt, Nikolaus

Full Professor,
U. de Valparaíso

Cataclysmic and other variables; Open star clusters

Vuckovic, Maja

U. de Valparaíso

Origin and evolution of hot subdwarf B stars; Asteroseismology of compact pulsators; Binary stars - post common envelope ejection systems
Wahhaj, Zahed
Staff Astronomer,
Exoplanets; Brown dwarfs; Circumstellar disks
Walker, Alistair Astronomer,
CTIO, La Serena
Stellar populations; Magellanic clouds; Distance scale; Astronomical instrumentation and CCDs
Watson, Linda
ALMA Fellow,
Star formation and the interstellar medium in nearby galaxies; Extended ultraviolet disk galaxies; Active galactic nuclei on the M-sigma relation
Wenderoth, Erich System Support Associate,
Gemini Observatory
Globular clusters; Peculiar ring galaxies
Wesson, Roger Fellow,
Dust formation by supernovae; Chemical abundances in ionised nebulae; Light echoes from novae and supernovae
Whiting, Alan B. Research Associate,
CTIO, La Serena
Galaxies in/near the Local Group; Dynamics of the Local Volume; Low surface brightness objects
Yang, Bin Fellow

Small solar bodies; Planet formation; Astrobiology
Zoccali, Manuela Assistant Professor,
Galactic globular clusters; the Galactic Bulge; the Initial Mass Function

Astronomical Institutions

Institutions Telephone Numbers Fax Numbers Address Web sites
Centro de Estudios Cientificos (CECS)
Theoretical Physics Research Lab.
(56 63) 234-500 (56 63) 234-517 or 234-518 Casilla 1469, Valdivia
Cerro Tololo Interamerican Observatory (CTIO) (56 51) 205-200 (56 51) 205-212 Casilla 603, La Serena
European Southern Observatory (ESO)/Chile (56 2) 463-3000 (56 2) 463-3101 Casilla 19001, Santiago 19
Gemini Observatory (56 51) 205-600 (56 51) 205-650 Casilla 603, La Serena
Las Campanas Observatory (LCO) (56 51) 207-301 (56 51) 207-308 Casilla 601, La Serena
National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) (56 2) 210-9600 (56 2) 210-9650 Av. Nueva Costanera 4091, Suite 502, Vitacura, Santiago
Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile (PUC) (56 2) 686-4940 (56 2) 686-4948 Casilla 306, Santiago 22
Universidad Catolica del Norte (UCN) +56-55-235 5480   Avda. Angamos 0610, Antofagasta
email: sec.astronomia[AT]
Universidad de Antofagasta (56 55) 2637596 --- Avda. U. de Antofagasta 02800, Antofagasta
Universidad de Chile (56 2) 977-1091 (56 2) 977-1095 Casilla 36-D, Santiago
Universidad de Concepcion (56 41) 204-500 (56 41) 224-520 Avda. Esteban S. Iturra s/n Barrio Universitario, Concepcion
Universidad de la Frontera (56 45) 325-000 (56 45) 325-950 Casilla 54-D, Temuco
Universidad de La Serena (56 51) 204-128 (56 51) 226-662 Benavente 980, La Serena
Universidad de Tarapaca (56 58) 205-436


(56 58) 205-435 Avda.Gral Velasquez 1775/ Casilla 7-D, Arica
Universidad de Valparaíso (56 32) 508-426 (56 32) 508-279 Casilla 5030, Valparaíso
Universidad Metropolitana de Ciencias de la Educación (56 2) 241- 2496 (97)   Avda. José Pedro Alessandri 774, Ñuñoa, Santiago