Programs selected for FORS2 Science Verification

Programs selected for FORS2 Science Verification

FORS2 Science Verification took placeduring February 28-March 9, 2000

(Due to poor weather, not all the SV programmes could be executed or resulted in science quality data)

Imaging and spectroscopic data can be retrieved below (data release:  June 1st, 2000)

FORS2 Science Verification Summary

Deep Imaging of the Clusterof Galaxies MS1008-1224

    Mode: SR Imaging in U and Gunn filters
    ExpTime: 6 hr (U) ,  4 hr (z)
    Conditions: seeing < ~0.6", photometric


    Completion of the FORS1 SV program (The Cluster Deep Field).  Search for High-z magnified galaxies 
    via photometric redshifts (U through K) .
    Coordinator: P.Rosati
    U-band imaging  100% COMPLETED 
    z-band imaging  0%

Near-IR Imaging of the NTTDF

    Target: NTT Deep Field: RA= 12 , DEC = -7
    Mode: SR Imaging in IF_915 and Gunn z  filters
    ExpTime: 5hr (915), 4hr (z)
    Conditions: grey,  photometric, seeing <~0.8"
    Objective: Completion of deep multicolor survey of the NDF aimed at photo-zsearch for distant galaxies.
    Coordinator S.Cristiani/S.Arnouts
    Very good seeing data 
    100% COMPLETED

Spectroscopy of High RedshiftGalaxies

    Target: NTT Deep Field: RA= 12 , DEC = -7
    Mode: MOS + Grism_R150
    ExpTime: 5 hr x 1 mask
    Conditions: dark,  seeing <~ 1"
    Objective: Distant, photo-z selected galaxies to I(AB)~25 from public NTT data. 
    Coordinator: S.Cristiani/S.Arnouts
    Over  5hrs obtained in good seeing 
    100% COMPLETED
    DataRelease RAW/REDUCED

Spectroscopy of High-z LensedQSOs

    Target:  RX J0911.4+0551 (quadrupole quasar)
    Mode:  MOS in HR mode (0.1"/pixel)
    ExpTime: 1 hr
    Conditions: dark, photometric, excellent seeing ( <0.5")


    Redshift measurement of lensingelliptical galaxy (and cluster) which 
    has escaped detection so far.
    Coordinator C.Lidman/ P.Rosati
    HR MOS spectrum:  100% COMPLETED in 1/2" seeing 
    Including central elliptical and offset cluster

    DataRelease RAW/REDUCED

H-alpha Rotation Curves ofDwarf Galaxies

    Targets: NGC 2915:  RA = 09 48 49,DEC = -76 41 00 
    NGC 5170:  RA = 10 52 33,DEC = +07 32 30
    Mode: LS + Grism_R600
    ExpTime: 3 hr /target (Total = ~10 hrs) 
    Conditions: Dark, seeing > 1"


    Measurement of rotation curves from H-alpha emission in dwarf darkmatter 
    dominated galaxies to constrain the mass distribution at large radiiand probe the inner 
    Coordinator: R.Ibata/T.Broadhurst
    NGC 2915  80% COMPLETED 
    NGC 5170  60% COMPLETED

Kinematics of Previously MicrolensedStars in LMC

    Targets: ~20 stars with V=20-21
    Mode: Grism_R600
    ExpTime: (900-2000)s/object  (Total  > 10 hr)
    Conditions: seeing <~ 1", grey
    Objective: Measurement of velocities of previously microlensed stars in the LMCto test 
    LMC self-lensing models (and hence the nature of the MACHOs). 
    Goal  is to obtain S/N~10 spectra with ~10 km/s accuracy for at least 10 targets.
    Coordinator R.Ibata/E.Tolstoy
    Pre-imaging in good seeing obtained 
    Spectra for high priority targetsobtained
    Spectra under evaluation by R.Ibata


Abundance Measurements in GiantEllipticals

    Targets: NCG 4472:    RA= 12 28 46.8, DEC = +08 00 02 
    Globular Clusters, Dwarf Galaxies, Halo
    Mode: MOS/LS + Grism_600B
    ExpTime: 3 hr /target (Total = ~12 hrs incl. overhead) 
    Conditions: dark-grey, seeing < 0.8" (GC), >~ 1" otherwise
    Objective:  Abundance determination of and comparison between the globular clusters 
    and the dwarf galaxies surrounding NGC4472  + its halo light at3 Reff
    Coordinator: M.Kissler
    LS spectra on 2 dwarf pairs: 100% COMPLETED 
    MOS on globulars: ~60% COMPLETED 
    LS on main galaxy:    0% 

Ly-alpha emissionat high redshift
    Target:  0943-242: RA = 09:47:49.71, DEC = -24:42:44.0
    Mode: Custom narrow band filter (FW=7A)
    ExpTime: 36hr
    Conditions: dark, photometric, poor seeing ( > 1")


    A narrow band search for Lyman alpha emission from large scale 
    structure centered on a powerful radio galaxy at  z = 2.9(previously 
    selected damped Ly-alpha system could not be confirmed).
    Coordinator M.Rauch
    Feasibility caveats