DRM & DRSP Workshop

26 – 28 May 2009
ESO Garching



Tuesday 26th May

10:30   Welcome + Overview of SWG and DRM Isobel Hook
11:00 Status of the E-ELT Project Roberto Gilmozzi
11:30 Design Reference Science Plan Aybüke Küpcü Yoldaş
12:00 Discussion
12:30 Lunch
Stars & Planets
14:00 Imaging extrasolar planets with the E-ELT Szymon Gładysz
14:25 Perspective for the detection of Earth twins in the habitable      Stephane Udry
zone of solar-type stars with radial velocities
14:50 Imaging of circumstellar disks Daniela Villegas
15:10 Old planets at white dwarfs with the E-ELT Matthew Burleigh
15:35 Coffee
16:00 Exoplanet science cases proposed by the Spanish Bruno Femenia
16:15 Exoplanet studies in the mid-IR with METIS at the E-ELT Wolfgang Brandner
16:40 Neutron star studies in the E-ELT era Roberto Mignani
17:10 Discussion Stars & Planets
17:40 Reception

Wednesday 27th May

Galactic Centre and Black Holes
09:00   The Galactic Center with METIS Andreas Eckart
09:25 Observing SMBH with E-ELT up to redshifts of z~0.3                 Aybüke Küpcü Yoldaş
09:50 Precision Astrometry with MICADO Ric Davies
10:15 Discussion Galactic Centre and Black Holes
10:45 Coffee
Instrumentation / Observing Techniques
11:15 From extragalactic planets to distant galaxies with Piercarlo Bonifacio
11:40 High-Time Resolution Astrophysics and the E-ELT Andy Shearer
12:05 HARMONI Niranjan Thatte
12:30 Lunch
14:00 The MCAO Module for ELT Paolo Ciliegi
14:25 Observing with Future Instruments: Comprehensive Paul Bristow
14:50 METIS Bernhard Brandl
15:15 Spectro-Polarimetry Dietrich Baade
15:40 Coffee
16:10 A general purpose polarimeter for the E-ELT Thomas Dall
16:35 From SAM to SMELT Andrea Richichi
17:00 Discussion on Instrumentation
17:30 End
19:00 Workshop Dinner

Thursday 28th May

Resolved Stellar Populations
09:00   Resolved stellar populations with EAGLE Chris Evans
09:25 On route to accurate NIR photometry from AO images Giuseppe Bono
09:50 Young, massive clusters - the harvest beyond the Milky Way     Andrea Stolte
10:15 Giant-planet-mass objects in the Large Magellanic Clouds Annalisa Calamida
10:40 Coffee
11:00 Imaging & spectroscopy of embedded dense massive Hans Zinnecker
clusters in our Galaxy
11:25 The Chemo-Dynamical Structure of Galaxies: simulations Giuseppina Battaglia
for intermediate resolution spectroscopy of resolved stellar
populations out to Virgo
11:50 Galaxy formation with the E-ELT: the M31/M33 and the Isabel Perez
Coma cases
12:05 Discussion Resolved Stellar Populations
12:35 Lunch
High Redshift Universe
14:00 The physics of galaxy evolution in situ with EAGLE Mathieu Puech
14:25 A dynamical measurement of the expansion history of the Jochen Liske
14:50 Supernovae with ELT Filippo Mannucci
15:15 Search for varying constants @ E-ELT Paolo Molaro
15:40 Coffee
16:10 The highest redshift galaxies with EAGLE Jean-Gabriel Cuby
16:35 Discussion High Redshift Universe
17:05 Wrap up discussion and next steps
17:35 End