ESPRESSO News & Press Releases

In this page, we list the main changes affecting the instrument and this website as well as ESO press releases.

Instrument News

  • 2018 Mar 01: Instrument offered to the community through ESO Call for Proposals for Period 102. In Period 102, ESPRESSO is offered for regular operations in 1UT mode only in both HR and UHR modes. The ESPRESSO 4UT mode may be offered in Period 103, depending on successful commissioning during Period 101. The Laser Frequency Comb is operational but not yet fully tested. Users are suggested to take LFC frames as additional calibrations to benefit from the full precision of ESPRESSO once pipeline recipes are optimized.
  • 2018 Feb 03First Light in 4UT mode (see press release)
  • 2017 Nov 27: First Light in 1UT mode (see press release)
  • 2017 Nov 22: Commissioning of the Coudé Train of UT3
  • 2017 Aug 22: Preliminary Acceptance Europe
  • 2017 Jun 09: Commissioning of the Coudé Train of UT4
  • 2017 Feb 15: Commissioning of the Coudé Train of UT2
  • 2017 Feb 11: Commissioning of the Coudé Train of UT1
  • 2015 Feb 05: delta FDR
  • 2013 May 14: Final Design Review (FDR)
  • 2011 Nov 29: Preliminary Design Review
  • 2011 Jan 17: Technical Kick-Off meeting
  • 2010 Apr 13: Phase-A Study Review meeting

Press Releases