Tools and Tips

VISIR Papers

Publications based on data obtained with the VISIR instrument should quote the following reference paper: Lagage, P.O. et al. 2004, The Messenger 117, 12.

A description of the VISIR upgrade can be found in Käufl, H.U, et al., 2015, The Messenger 159, 15.

GuideCam Software

  • This tool (GuideCam) is used to select the guide star and prepare the finding charts in the proper format.

VISIR-specific tools

Generic Tools and information


Canari Cam  CanariCAM : Mid IR imager, spectroscopic, polarimetric, coronographic options at 10m GTC. 
KECK-Observatory  LWS: Long wavelength spectrometer.
LWIRC: Long wavelength infrared camera. 
Subaru  COMICS: Cooled mid infrared camera and spectrograph. 
GEMINI-North  Michelle: Mid IR echelle spectrograph and imager. 
GEMINI-South:  OSCIR (mid IR imager/spectrometer, already in use at 4m CTIO telescope) 
T-RECS (Mid IR Imager/Spectrometer for Gemini South) 
TIMMI2  TIMMI2 : Mid IR imager with spectroscopic and polarimetric options at the ESO 3.6m.