Poster Papers with Abstracts

1 Anderson, Joseph Characterising the diversity of V-band light-curves of supernovae
type II
2 Bevan, Antonia
Modelling late-time red-blue line asymmetries in the spectra of
core-collapse supernovae
3 Bright, Stacey Observing discs around post-AGB stars  
4 Cartier, Regis Clear detection of C ii after maximum in the normal Type Ia supernova
5 Catelan, Márcio
The PGPUC Online Database of Evolutionary Models and Isochrones  
6 Choi, Jieun Next generation isochrones with MESA  
7 Corradi, Romano The extraordinary stellar outflow Ou4  
8 Costa, Roberto Mapping physical properties in southern PNe  
9 De Jaeger, Thomas A double plateau and unprecedented circumstellar variable sodium
in the transient SN 2011A
10 De Wit, Willem-Jan New insights in high-mass star mass-loss resulting in the B[e]
11 Flagey, Nicholas Measuring the mass loss of evolved stars in the Galactic plane:
A Herschel investigation of MIPSGAL 24 micron compact bubbles
12 Galbany, Lluis Environmental properties of CCSNe using IFS  
13 González, Santiago
Searching for light echoes in type Ia supernovae spectra at late
14 Gutiérrez, Claudia Spectral analysis of type II Supernovae  
15 Herwig, Falk Complete yields for AGB and super-AGB stars for 0.02 > Z >
10 -4
16 Herwig, Falk CMD of ω Cen, (super-)AGB models and the Galactic plane passage
gas purging chemical evolution scenario
17 Ivanov, Valentin The Infrared Telescope Facility (IRTF) spectral library. Spectral
diagnostics for cool stars
18 Jones, David POPIPlaN: A deep morphological catalogue of newly discovered
southern planetary nebulae
Jones, David Using SuperWASP to find binary CSPN  
20 Jones, Olivia An analysis of the infrared stellar content of M32  
21 Lagadec, Eric PAHs formation in the dense central torus of the O-rich pre-
Planetary Nebula Roberts 22
22 Lagadec, Eric Real-time astronomy: dust production around an AGB star during
a thermal pulse
23 Lagadec, Eric The dust content of a Yellow Hypergiant: the Fried Egg nebula  
24 McEvoy, Catherine Enhanced Nitrogen in OB-type runaways: a test for the Binary
Supernova hypothesis
25 McEvoy, Catherine The VLT-FLAMES Tarantula Survey: Atmospheric Parameters
and Nitrogen Abundance for Single and Binary B-type Supergiants
26 Mehner, Andrea Eta Car: The recovery of a supernova impostor  
27 Mehner, Andrea R71 and an LBV outburst with a distinction  
28 Mesa-Delgado, Adal NGC6888 ring nebula: a chemical enrichment lab  
29 Morisset, Christophe Analysis of chemical abundances in planetary nebulae with [WC]
central stars
30 Nicholls, Christine Eccentric Ellipsoidal Red Giant Binaries in the LMC  
31 Olivares, Felipe The updated sample of GRB-associated SNe  
32 Pakmor, Ruediger Type Ia Supernovae from violent white dwarf mergers  
33 Pignata, Giuliano Is SN2010lp a member of a new class of underluminous type Ia
34 Prieto, José Mass-Loss in Extremis: Eta Carinae’s Great Eruption and SN
35 Reisenegger, Andreas Neutron star magnetic fields: origin, connection to their progenitor
stars, and evolution
36 Rodón, Javier Fragmentation and age of massive star-forming regions  
37 Roman Lopes, Alexandre Near-Infrared spectroscopic survey of candidate massive stars in
the periphery of the starburst Galactic star cluster NGC3603
38 Santander-García, Miguel SHAPEMOL: a 3-D code to calculate molecular line emission in
planetary and protoplanetary nebulae
39 Soto, Maritza On the multiplicity of supernovae within host galaxies  
40 Sternberg, Assaf Searching for circumstellar material in Type Ia supernovae with
multi-epoch high-spectral-resolution observations
41 Wesson, Roger Codes for easy automated abundance analyses  
42 Wesson, Roger Dust formation in the ejecta of SN1987A